Manga Review on One Is Enough

one is enough

I first read One Is Enough from Gen’s monthly releases, issue 11. With the first scene of Mizushima Shizuku sticking his finger into the mouth of Matsumoto Yuu – I realized that this is a manga title for the bl-fan.

The premise of One is Enough is not an original new story, since it shows a story of a kohai falling for his sempai. Something to be aware about is themes of cutting and bullying. This is a book appropriate for older teens.

The cover is actually misleading, since it happens to be Matsu kisisng the blushing Mizushima-sempai. Matsumoto  becoming quite the needy lover, with stalking tendencies, though it wasn’t apparent at the beginning of the story.

With the length of this story is, there really isn’t any high level character development, it can be established that the story was bare bone developed to just touch upon the relationship of the two leads. If there was a follow up, seeing if there there was expansion or more development for the supporting cast that was included like Matsu’s friend Sora or Miya-sempai is favorable.

This is a cute story, and it reading it would be for people who want to read most if not all bl – manga available in English. At this time the story has ended and like many single stories from Gen, they have been publishing it in a paperback copy.

Below is a panel from the story, as the art is quite simply drawn.

matsu musing

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