Kana-chan, the Oppai Queen!

While Chihaya aims for the Karuta Queen, Kana-chan is the Oppai Queen. But she is himote (非モテ “unpopular”) despite her oppai? Unbelievable. Why?

"I'm so unpopular."

But a lot of otakus on niconico are going crazy over her oppai, especially when it juggles. To juggle or not to juggle… Not only otakus, but during the sports festival, when she runs, school boys are all going frantic.

By the way, that binocular dude (双眼狂) is me.

And even within the club, Kana-chan defeats Chihaya by dateability. So, clearly, she’s popular!

And it seems her oppai keeps growing by episode! Look at this picture below, it’s clearly bigger than the last episode!

The Desk Nerd is so muttsuri (closet pervert). Everybody knows he wears glasses to hide where he is really looking at! Does he think he can get away with it? Wrong idea, Mister! We’re gonna confiscate your effing glasses!

Despite her small height, why are her boobs so large? Her four words idiom should be 背小胸大, or 背小乳大 (short, but large oppai) instead of 才色兼備 (talent and beauty). That gap is so rockn’ roll! That’s totally a very moe element! Kurono Kurumu was also like that, but she was demonic. But this pure-hearted classical literature otaku, yes, with that PE uniform on, sticking out bombastically, oohhh my! Buhihi!

When Taichi pointed out, “You guys are only interested in her boobs,” I really felt like he was talking about me. So, he’s not interested in the Oppai Queen? What’s wrong with him? He’s so bourgeois! Bourgeois men in general prefer small-breasted girls. According to Leil Lowndres in her book, How To Make Anyone Fall In Love With You,

More extroverted and lower-class men choose large-breasted, wide-hipped women. More introverted and upper-class males choose smaller-framed women. (p 175)

I’m introverted and lower-class. So, I like smaller framed girls with large breasts! While extroverted and upper-class Taichi prefers a tall girl with small chest, a typical model looking type like Chihaya (her sister is a professional model). Yes, a NEET/hikikomori of precariat seeks the Oppai Queen! And I’m proud of it!

Ahh, I was also brain-damaged when I saw Aquarion EVOL 5th episode.

Zessica’s love attack, pressing her oppai up against Amata’s arm. This forbidden technique is also seen in the 8th episode of Guilty Crown, the swimsuits episode! Oh my gosh, so many animes are the oppai fest! Can never stop the nose bleeding! It’s the holiest skinship ever!

Well, sorry for distraction, but back to Chihayafuru, even for oppai, you can tell there’s class warfare in the Karuta club! To us, oppai is a sign of sexual abundance, while bourgeois dudes are VOLUNTARILY more restrained. So, people like Taichi seek brahmacharya in women also. But who cares about his upbringing? We’ll pursue what we want as our pursuit of happiness is sanctified in the Declaration of Independence! We will continue to pursue our own Queen. God save the Queen!

Thus, oppai-seijin of the world, unite!

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

A refugee from Japan. Live in NAFTA. Get hooked on Moe. Moe is opium? Twitter: @MonsieurLamoe