Kugimiya Rie Service

You want some Kugimiya Rie service? Check out this youtube video

And the akuma’s work below…

Please report for any brain explosions, psychotic rages and urges to slaughter to us…

(Yeah, it is retarded and repetitive…)

4 thoughts on “Kugimiya Rie Service

  1. I have known it!
    First movie is super Kugimiya World.
    Second movie is that釘宮理恵’s voice with Sazae San’s BGM.(Sazae San is broadcast
    on every Sunday in my country.) 

    1. @ こなちゃん – I watched Sazae-san in when I was teaching English in Fukuyama, Hiroshima, Japan! It was plain but harmonious and kind of fun.

  2. >>Mr.@rayyhum777
    Oh! Really? English teacher!
    GEOS NOVA,,There are many English School in Japan.
    Most of Japanese people have been visited Hirosima as “school excursion”.

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