Hello, Otaku! (or Anime Stuff that I Wish Were Real)

So I wake in the morning and I feel absolutely direction-less. Being from a hired translator with a steady but crappy salary to me is easier than to be a first time freelancer that has to put in so much friggin’ effort to find people who’s willing to hire me, but to spare everyone from getting the urge to hack into this site and DoS my mascot to death (what mascot?), I’ve decided to put something down right before I post the next Kyoshiro post and Mike put up the podcast.

It just so happens that life is a boring event which should be filled with anime-related things, and here is the top ten list of anime-related things they should have in real life:

10. Punch someone and that person flies into the sky – and nobody gets hurt!
9. Fire a Dragon slave and blow up your boss’s home!
8. Moving giant robots and space colonies! Zieg Zion!
7. Cat-eared PCs that shape like girls!
6. Freedom pizza that one can eat forever without getting fat!
5. Mafia Zombies! And guns that fires 50 bullets in a row!
4. A notebook that when I write someone’s name in it, he dies!
3. A Huge-ASS sword.
2. Hire girls that can take out 50 plus guys in less than 10 minutes anime time.
And number one on the top ten list…
1. A world resetting egg!

Well, anyone with other lists?

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