Bridging Gap of anime and drama

Imagination is probably not going to be limitless, since ideas are recycled and presented differently. This is an example of how similar and different two titles can be.
崖っぷちのエリー or 毎日かあさん. One is a Japanese drama, another a Japanese anime. In some ways Gakeppuchi no Eri can be called the prequel to Mainichi Kaasan… but they’re not. Rather they’re similar in how the personalities of the main female character is.

In the drama, Eriko is a budding artist who gets employed by a B-rated seedy magazine. She is also quite poor, but is quite steadfast and optimistic. She is also very determined to prove herself. This determination compels her to move forth in life and also fuels her inspiration for her drawings. She eventually marries the photographer Joichi, and has two children.

In the anime, it is mother knows best… for better or worse. So everyone should stay out of her way if Reiko barrels through. Reiko lives with her husband and two kids: Bunji and Fumi. Every episode talks about how Reiko juggles between her job as a mangaka and raising two young children. Things are stressful if she is rushing on a deadline but with every episode there’s always a lesson or motto explored and learned.

So these series are really not the same, and if I ever do get a chance, I would try to see the live action movie of Mainichi Kaasan that was released in 2011. For the time being, Mainichi Kaasan is simply enjoyed in bite sized doses on Crunchy Roll. Gakeppuchi no Eri aired on Japanese television in the 2010.

Author: Linda

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