EVOL, brahmacharya, Buddhism

Ren’ai-kinshi (恋愛禁止 “romance prohibition”) = brahmacharya (celibacy).

Aquarion EVOL has so much yoga references, and its worldview is based on the karmic religions, with aparigraha (non-possession, renouncement), especially brahmacharya (sexual renouncement, celibacy), also shared by the Skoptsy. But these renouncement doctrines simply don’t apply to kimo-ota!

The Love-Shy Survival Guide proves it right. When I was reading it, I was yelling, “That’s totally right!” It says,

It sounds uplifting to hear you renounce pre-marital sex, but there is one problem. You can only renounce what you have, not what you don’t have. I have known dirt poor people who claimed they renounced wealth and power and total losers who never had a date who claimed they renounced loveless sex or all sexuality. It is easy to renounce what you don’t have because you will not miss anything. This mode of thinking just makes you feel good about your failures. (p 207)

Certainly! This book nailed it! It totally understands what kimo-ota’s suffering is like!

So, how did the Indo-Aryans come up with brahmacharya? Let’s take a look at Buddhism, the most wide-spread karmic religion in the world. In fact, the first gravest offense for the Buddhist monks is a sexual union. Yes, a forbidden union, so sex is divided by the Berlin Wall. So, “Berlin” symbolizes brahmacharya in EVOL.

Gautama Buddha, a champion of brahmacharya, formerly Gautama Siddhartha, was a stud. As a crown prince of a kingdom, he had his own harem for the rainy season during early summer, and he had his own entertainers providing him services, with people’s tax money! And then one day he developed a sense of emptiness and abjection after countless debaucheries, seeing women lying down on the floor sleeping, drooling with messed up makeups. Later on he told his students that women were the vessels of feces. So, it’s worthless being aroused at them.

So, the Wise Man tells us to ignore 3-D girls. But, still it’s based on a theory of kachigumi (the winners). He was the winner-takes-all. リア充王 (The King of Riaju, the Riaju of the Riajus). ただしイケメンに限る (Only happens to ikemen)。Yes, ikemen prince (イケメン王子) indeed. So, he could practice renouncement. As a Russian word Skoptsi means “castrate” but also “save,” so by giving up sex, he saved people’s tax money, yes, stopped wasteful spending.

Therefore, he concluded that debauchery was empty. So, he went on to practice voluntary celibacy.

But “voluntary” already sounds bourgeois because they have a choice to keep the property or trash it. They are the privileged. Yes, his own entertainers, love slaves, wives, and concubines were all his properties to dispense with.

But what about the poor? What about romantic poverty? We’re the have-nots. The propertyless. We have nothing to give up. We have no way of knowing what debauchery is like. So, we can’t find the Middle Path either.

This recent movement of LOVOS or Lifestyles Of Voluntary Simplicity is utterly bourgeois. The word “voluntary” already indicates that you belong to the propertied. While the unpropertied, working class, proletariat, or precariat, their situation is LOIOS or Lifestyles Of Involuntary Simplicity. Involuntary aparigraha. And romantic proletarians or involuntary celibates suffer from a girlless life. In Christ’s words, “eunuchs who have been made eunuchs by others (Matthew 19:12).” Their situation is INCEL or Involuntary Celibacy. Involuntary brahmacharya.

In other words, forced simplicity and forced celibacy by no fault of our own. We have no choice but to serve the master or employer to earn the living wage. So, our service is by coercion, involuntary servitude = labor. Didn’t the 13th Amendment ban involuntary servitude unless you’re in prison? They tell us that we have “right” to work. If so, then we’re supposed to have right to be lazy also. Don’t we have right to be a NEET?

So, this is how class struggle looks like, Voluntarism = bourgeoisie vs. Involuntarism = precariat.

Thus, financially and romantically, Buddhism is very bourgeois. That’s why I’ve turned away from Buddhism. And I don’t even bother becoming a Skoptsy like Smerdyakov.

The Skoptsy advocated castration, but it’s only effective for ikemen. It’s pointless to castrate kimo-ota since they have nothing to renounce. An eunuch has nothing to castrate. It’s pointless to tell the romantic poor to renounce romance, to give up sex to store wealth. Yes, in the age of capitalism, girls cost a lot indeed, so it’s better not to date if you want to save. But without money, you can’t have girls, and without girls, there’s no sex to renounce. How can you save when you have no savings in the beginning? Thus, aparigraha only works for bourgeoisie.

Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!

Yes! Amata unites with Mikono-chan and destroys the Berlin Wall with “Infinite Punch.” How liberating! Eroticism is potlatch, overflowing abundance. Yes, sex without any cost. Free sex. So, brahmacharya (sexual renouncement) wouldn’t be necessary. No wasteful spending occurs from sex. That’s what we nijikon (2-D Complex) need!

How come today isn’t like the 60s, the time period that if you’re deadly poor wearing dirty cloths but just by carrying a guitar, girls gonna come talk to you and get laid? I can’t wait the 60s revival for twelve thousand years. AD 14012? I would be long dead by then! Even if Christ promises to resurrect me by then. Even Lazaro only waited for four days, not twelve thousand years. I want romantic wealth right now! But 3-D is so cruel. So, I seek animevangelism as an animevangelical. And Aquarion EVOL is the Good News!

Thus, EVOL is so historic in this historic year of AD 2012 and Heisei 24. The ideological Berlin Wall fell in 1989, the first year of Heisei. And the sexual Berlin Wall falls in 2012, Heisei 24. That’s the real meaning of “when it turns to be 24” by Sakamoto Maaya, who by this “24” prophesy has just been proven to be the prophet, our animevangelist!

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

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