Kami-sama no Memo-chō 10 is why

That I wanted to watch this anime and like the light novel very much. This is where everything begin. This is why the show, the light novel, and whatever else means so much.

Ayaka‘s story.

This is where it all begins.

This is when Narumi really met Alice and the Scooby-Do gang for the first time. This is where the real meat and potato filled up my plate.

This is why I wanted to watch the anime.

I’ve been watching the anime and to be honest with you, I’ve been disappointed with it. There were dialogs, feelings, revelations, and other things that were cut out. The characters never got to express their true selves (found in the light novel) properly, and the fact that Okura Yui‘s Alice is flat really doesn’t help much. All the ingredients they decided to keep have made this show a common place in Blandville. Where everything and happenings easily flow from ordinary not to mention over-used Otaku theater, and if you weren’t a fan of the light novel to begin with, you’d have a difficult time sitting through it all, especially if you were looking to find meat and potatoes, but only found empty cans of “Dokupe”. Dr. Pepper would’ve been acceptable, but “Dokupe” is just a poor imitation of it all.

No, of course that’s not a fair assessment. At least, the caricatures from the light novel have been planted into the anime. As a light and airy hit calculated for summer audiences, the anime works in its own way. But the big problem is that the characters are missing. And those are what make the light novel, the source, work.

I have this big speech about the appeal of the light novel to a lost group of people and all that. But I can’t really bear to put all that crap on. All I can say is that, the plain opening of the light novel really works. After all, everything just seems so ordinary.

But it’s not, and that’s the magic of it. There’s always a place that you want to defend, no matter how small, plain, and worthless it seems to any outsiders.

Unfortunately, for the anime, even that gets reduced to some hasted introduction that throws Narumi into the mix. It doesn’t give us time to get the feel of the place. It doesn’t show us the true motive behind all the plots. It’s like the anime has the face of the light novel but didn’t even inherit its true nature.

However, episode 10 is here. With the time constraints of a TV show, I’m not that hopeful. For the fans of the light novel at least, episode 10 captures some of the small sparkle and magic in the novel.

I can only hope everything manages to show me most of what I like about the novel at the end.

Author: Ray

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3 thoughts on “Kami-sama no Memo-chō 10 is why

  1. Ray.. you’re the second person who I heard mention that Kami-sama no Memo-cho is not memorable. >_< I am only half way through this series, and with no experience of the light novel. I actually find that I don't mind the series.. I am more impressed and drawn in because of the theme songs. Hopefully you'll find another series to like a lot.. how about something like Usagi Drops? That's a great depiction of the manga.

    1. It’s not a bad show. It’s pretty good for a summer anime. It’s just that it’s only half as good as it should be.

      As for Usagi Drops, I’ve never read the manga and I don’t find the premise interesting anyways…sorry. 😛

  2. That drug conspiracy is finally getting into business. I haven’t read novel, so I can’t really compare anime with novel. But I hear a lot of people say manga or novel or game as original work is superior to anime adaptation. I also hear Moshidora novel was far better than anime. I only watch anime, so it’s not an issue to me.

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