Hanayamata finale-I wanna have a daughter!

yosakoi4Jeez, Hanayamata ended just like summer just ended today, marks autumn equinox. It’s so sad that I wanted to cry. It was a good story.Yes, that American girl was really great. But, I was afraid that Tada Banri moment would happen. That going mad during the Awa-odori dance march, a laughing riot that marked the history of anime. Yes, it’s now a legend, the legendary Tada Banri. Yosakoi is one of the three great festivals in Shikoku island. And so is Awa-odori. But then, these 5 girls have made it to the Yosakoi festival, and danced awesomely.yosakoi2

Aww, how much I want to have a daughter. At my age, it’s impossible to have a little sister (imouto) anymore. So, daughter, I still may have a chance, but I don’t want any son. That would be a nightmare. Kind of Ajatashatru or Oedipus kind of fear that I have toward male offsprings, because I don’t want to do anything with dudes anymore, I had enough of dudes, so the rest of life, I only want to hang out with girls, since life so far has bee girlless. Only me should be male, and surrounded by wife and daughters and female friends. Ultimately, imouto would be the best, but that’s impossible.

fatherAh, I so envy Naru’s dad. Man, that dad was so scared, “What if my daughter has a boyfriend?” LOL. Yes, daughter is so cool too. Even though the daughter repudiated me, the fact that she is eternally my daughter never changes. Yes, eternity is what matters. Wife or gf is impermanent, there is no hard backup to solidify that relationship. It’s not done deal. But daughter, yes, forever, you’re my daughter! Even though she marries off and I fall to Dark Side of the moon, still “I am your father!” Oh yes, a middle school girl daughter, how envious. Not a father of youjo like Hina. A father of loli is what I wanna be!

yosakoi3So yes, loli. Lolicon is a form of virgin mary cult. Yes, as virginmaniac (shojo-chuu 処女廚) not Mother Mary or Madonna (our lady, Notre Dame, Nuestra Señora), Madonna already has a child, but pre-pregnant virgin Mary is what I worship. So, I don’t worship post-Immaculate Conception Mary, that isn’t a virgin. So, unknown father of any child can be God. So, that’s why I want to be a father of a virgin (otome). Yes, so God can be “my son”, yes, my son-in-law, so that’s how I elevate myself higher than God. Or that’s how I overcome God, and become true overman, or superman. It’s the same with Fujiwara clan, sending daughters to the Emperor who was thought to be a living God, so becoming a father of God. Father-in-law. Yes, that’s how I become the master (goshujin-sama). Alternative to maid cafe to be the master. So, pre-pregnant, yes, really virgin virgin Mary is what I seek. And Lolita is that part of Mary, yes that early life stage of Mary, before pregnancy, before marriage or engaged, pubescent, yes, kawaii period of Mary, and I see Virgin in all of Hanayamata characters. That Virgin power is what makes Yosakoi so beautiful! Yes, otome = virgin! Yes, otome’s friendship overcomes hardship! We shall overcome! yosakoi1I have to go to Otome (virgin) road when I go to Japan!

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2 thoughts on “Hanayamata finale-I wanna have a daughter!

  1. I loved this anime, it was really ficking cute and Hana was amazing, I really loved her, my favorite of the season was Sakura from Gekkan shoujo though ^^. I would’ve loved to have an imouto when I was younger. I always wished my mother would marry a guy with a cute daughter sadly that never happened :'(.

    Anyway great read as always 😀

    1. Yeah, Hana the American girl. Oh I see. Yes, Gekkan Shoujo, funny comedy show. Hahaha, that’s funny, yeah! Totally, typical situation with imouto moe anime, unrelated imouto lives together with you.

      Thanks a lot! Glad that you enjoyed!

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