Skinship with Joshidaisei. Part 3

Smell is a potent wizard that transports you across thousand of miles and all the years you have lived. -Helen Keller

Smell of Joshidaisei

There is no other choice but to present myself to the fairest. So, I have to be an apple, since Golden Apple of Eris is καλλίστη (kallisti “to the fairest”). Apple is the fruit of eternal youth in Wagner’s Ring series, which makes my skin young enough to share the daigaku zeitgeist with Hibino-san. Yes, that’s how I change my condition by changing my skin as the colonized man in 3-D. As Albert Memmi writes in his book The Colonizer And The Colonized,

The first attempt of the colonized is to change his condition by changing his skin… The first ambition of the colonized is to become equal to that sidelined model and to resemble him to the point of disappearing in him.

Yes, to become equal to Kyohei, and smell as young as Kyohei! Who wants to go out with an old geezer with kareishuu (加齢臭 “aging stench”)? So, it’s critical to keep me young! I so envy Kyohei since the colonized man is an envious man! The colonized man has always been snubbed. Snubbed by girls, by the media, by the market. As a gaijin/immigrant, snubbed by America. Snubbed by 3-D! So, the best I can do is to become Golden Apple, or Acapulco Gold. So, we can get snuffed by girls. Original Snub becomes Original Snuff!

Yes, Golden Apple is alternatively orange. Acapulco Gold in Spanish is mala yerba (bad grass). Yes, Golden Apple is a bad apple! A bad apple is orange! A bad apple spoils the barrel. In Japanese colloquial, bad apple is spoiled tangerine (腐ったミカン). Rotten girls are yaoi-fans, and rotten boys are yuri-fans. Fujoshi (腐女子) is hakoujoshi (発酵女子 “fermented girls”). Yes, I’m a bad-ass otaku = spoiled-ass otaku. Rotten otaku is disgusting otaku, kimoi-otaku, in short, kimo-ota!

Kusai (臭い “stinky”) comes from kusaru (腐る “to rot, to spoil”). Kuso (屎 “shit”) also comes from kusaru. And kusa (草) is grass. Yes, spoil, this energy has a strong scent. Kuso was used as fertilizer and fuel. Grassroots movement is very powerful, so to the authorities, it’s foul stench. Yes, like nattou. Rotten soy beans. Yes, tofu is spoiled beans (豆腐). And it’s the healthiest food on the planet. Yes, spoil is healthy! Hitler said only “abnormally spoiled society” produces eternal underage mindset. What he meant by “abnormally spoiled society” is a welfare state such as Sweden. In fact, Swedish girls prefer soshokukei (草食系 “grass-eater” i.e., “herbivore”) boys over machoman according to Bill O’Reilly. We don’t fit in capitalism, the modern dog-eats-dog survival of the fittest natural selection world.

Hippies (daigaku age group during the late 1960’s) at ashrams were smelly, lunatics on the grass. They abandoned fighting, such peaceniks, school refusals, work refusals, war refusals (draft dodgers), had long hair and beard, a whole body unshaven, and bushy armpits, chest, arm, legs, and groin. Girls were without makeup. Carefree eyebrows and nose hair like Frida. No bra to maintain the shape of chichi. They “burned” bra. They just wore T-shirts and jeans. So, everybody looked kimoi (repulsive, abjective) and stinky. But everybody was like that, so stinkiness wasn’t abjection but rather an incentive to choose a sex mate. Who cared about looks? The only way to tell who was attractive was body odor. So, that time, romance was pretty much Yahooish.

Immanuel Kant was adamantly critical of smell. He knew smell induces strong carnal interests. Smell is an introduction to skinship, just like a scent of food is an introduction to eating. I never get to smell girls’ natural odor, i.e., original snuff. They don’t let me get close enough to smell their body odor. All I smell is morning shampoo and perfume. But, it’s all artificial snuff, simulacra. How much I want to sniff Hibino-san, especially her chichi! Gasp! Her chichi makes us all gaspers. I hear the most fertile woman smells the best, and obviously the most fertile parts are chichi! Ahh, smell of Chichino-san, would’ve been the best aroma therapy!

Yes, science has proven that smell is an important component to choose a mate for girls. No wonder I hear a lot of girls are nioi-fechi (匂いフェチ “smell fetish”). So Hibino-san, snuff me, baby! NEET is the most spoiled, so I have the neatest smell! A smell of soshokukei is a fragrance of love and peace! Who wants to smell like bloody atrocity?

Yes, “to spoil” in Japanese is amayakasku. A verb of amae (甘え). And amai (甘い) is “sweet.” Kusaru “to rot, to spoil” is actually sweet. Dulce. Amaki jinsei, La Dolce Vita! Mamy ny aina! So, yes, amai-kusai are ying-yang. Amazake (甘酒) is made of spoiled rice! Dead rice, rotten rice = kuso (屎).

So, NEET is the sweetest, a Sweets prince indeed! Most qualified to be Hibino’s sweetheart! My heart, my apple to the fairest. “My love will be your food,” sings Prince. “Let food be thy medicine,” says Hippocrates. “Your love is like bad medicine,” sings Bon Jovi. She can sniff-kiss me as her romantic object. Mouth is an organ of desire to eat and kiss. So, French kiss, eating out, moreover, necking! Just like Subaru-sama!

Olfactory sense leads to gustation. Gustar in Spanish is “to please.” Me gusta mucho (it pleases me a lot). Yes, taste is the most pleasurable. So, kiss is the most hedonistic! In Maori, kiss is done with nose. So, smell and taste! Sniff kiss! The best part of chichi-kuri (乳繰り “breast-reeling” i.e., “love-making”)! Chichikuri is how I decolonize myself!

Ahh, how much I want hiza-makura (膝枕)! La Makura D’Oro (Golden Makura)! 甘い枕 (amai-makura “sweet makura, spoiled makura”). I want to be her lapdog! There’s nothing heavenlier than waking up on the beauty’s lap and see her smile! Awaken by her kiss, taste and scent of her lips. Just like Snow White and the sleeping beauty were awaken! But all I taste is LCD of my laptop…

(To be continued…)


Author: Monsieur LaMoe

A refugee from Japan. Live in NAFTA. Get hooked on Moe. Moe is opium? Twitter: @MonsieurLamoe