Mirai Nikki insanity

Just insane. Episode 5 was all about “sex and violence,” i.e., “rape and murder.” Very Ishiharaesque.

6th, Omekata-sama, a cult leader, is a traumatized girl from rinkan (輪姦 gang rape). She was drugged and raped by her own followers as purification ritual. But now her PTSD leads her to make her fanatics gang-rape Yuno.

I don’t think a rape-themed anime fits today’s zeitgeist. That was the 1950s Japan’s zeitgeist. Young men of aprés guerre, just freed from American occupation, were going berserk abusing women. These men were called taiyo-zoku (太陽族 “sun tribe”).

Gang-rape is the theme of Ishihara Shintaro‘s novel, Kanzen-na-yuugi (perfect game). And drug rape was depicted in his other novel, Shokei No Heya (execution chamber). During the 50s, there occurred many rape incidents by students, reportedly inspired by Shokei No Heya. And recently the Super Free rape at Waseda University, which an old fart politician commented, “At least they were vigorous,” as if he was a sun-tribesman. For the Okinawa rape incident, a U.S. Admiral commented, “They should have used prostitutes.” Their discour was supposed to end with the twilight of the Showa period (1989).

Globally, the demise of Soviet Empire marked the end of the macho era, which made Ronald Reagan the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln won North-South War, and Reagan won West-East War. It dismantled Eastern Bloc and brought the dawn of the new era.

But for the Japanese, it was the end of the Showa period and the bubble burst. The Emperor Showa was the last War Emperor in Japan’s history. So, his demise put away militarism and gruesome history in the past. During the 80s, Touch put an end to supo-kon, a ghost of militarism, and kawaii culture took over with the pop idol boom led by Matsuda Seiko, evident in Macross, and since 2005, diversification of kawaii and eternal differentiation of moe with small stories have taken place. The zeitgeist has already moved on from sex and violence.

And here comes yandere. A pretty girl that all school boys are crazy for is actually a mentally unfit stalker chasing after you. Yes, romance addiction. Ren-ai-izon-shou (恋愛依存症). That insane possessiveness leads to gruesome murder like a femme fatale in Fatal Attraction.

Before 1989, all insanities were explained by Cold War as part of the metanarrative. In Soviet Union, Chikatilo, a serial rapist, was uncaught for a long time simply because they assumed abnormal crimes would only happen in capitalism. In Dr. Strangelove, a U.S. General blamed Soviets for his erectile dysfunction. Communism and capitalism were behind all insanities.

But now is unexplainable insanity. We the new generation are like Yukki; when 3/20 and 9/11 happened, we were panicking like “What the hell is going on!” During the 80s, Reagan was shot and people thought it was done by a Soviet, but turned out to be a Jodie Foster stalker. Yes, a psycho like Yuno. This kind of individual would be insane no matter where she lives, even back in the U.S.S.R.

I can totally see why insane girls would be otaku’s ideal, to some ultimately yandere, a romance addict, with dangerous unconditional love. Unloved hikikomori/NEET/Otaku want unconditional love. We need girls who are insane enough to fall in love with us. But only imouto would give us unconditional love. “O-nii-chan, I made o-bento for you!” Yet with the dwindling birth rate, many of us are left without sisters. So, we know unconditional love only exists in 2-D.

Yet, Yuno is a murderous Dulcinea. Axe is a symbol of war in Yoruba, embodied in a war deity Shango. Double axe is sex and violence (rape and murder). I don’t need an axe. I just need o-bento. I know romance is insanity because girls usually don’t fall in love. They don’t go crazy over me. But, what I need from girls is non-violent insanity. Not a kind of insanity presented in Mirai Nikki, so was School Days. Certainly not with discours of Ishiwara Shintarou. It’s time to secede sex from violence! Therefore, this insanity would be called “miracle.”

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