Okama Day! (but zhe’s a dude…)

Okama Day, April 4th, LGBT’s “T” day? Who’s your best okama character in anime? Well, mine is…I think Rukako from Steins;Gates is the best okama I’ve ever seen. Yes, Osaragi Hazumu used to be the best until I met Rukako. Both of them embody my desire to be a girl. Since I’ve never had a good time as a dude… So yes, I totally understand why Rukako is feeling so sad. Gender identity crisis!

Oh yes, why didn’t I like Steins;Gate despite it has been critically acclaimed? Because Rukako didn’t become a girl! Yes, back in 2010, zhe took the chance to be a girl, as Amuro Namie sings, “Chase the chance!” But, Mayushii was going to die if Rukako lived in a world where zhe was a girl. So, zhe couldn’t continue to be a girl. Zhe had to go back to the world where zhe was still a dude. That was so sad! Takeo Fukuda used to say, “A human life is heavier than the Earth.” Well, which is heavier? Rukako’s gender or Mayushii’s life? “Freedom or bread?“, like the question proposed in The Grand Inquisitor. Mayushii could have become a Christ figure for Rukako’s freedom as Patrick Henry’s “Liberty or Death!” Yes, just like Puella Madoka and Ouma Shuu did!

Yeah, I feel uncomfortable being around dudes. And at the same time, I feel uncomfortable about myself since I am a dude myself! So I totally understand you, Rukako!

But Okarin’s catch phrase can’t be used if Rukako is a girl. So, zher gender must be kept male in order to make that gag. But, my “but zhe’s a dude” is rather a lamentation. Zher voice and mannerism are totally feminine. Even more feminine than any other girls I know, but….

zhe’s still a dude!

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

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