Highschool DxD, good final episode, “I gonna kill my ex!”

いい最終回だった。(It was a good final episode.) – Koyasu-san.

Well, it wasn’t actually the final episode. But the first arc was over. Yes, the fallen angel arc. The episode was titled, “元カノ、倒します!(I gonna defeat my ex-girlfriend!)” That was actually, “I gonna kill my ex!” Yes, moto-kano (元カノ “ex girlfriend”). As you know from Kare-kano, the word kano means “girlfriend.”

Ah, so sad. I totally feel for Issei. The first girl in your life who confessed love to you was actually a fallen angel. Her human name was Amano Yuuma, but her real name was Reinare. Ahh, that confession scene, I fell in love with her instantly. But with Yuuma-chan, not Reinare, a cold-blooded murderer. During the first date, when they were about to kiss, she suddenly revealed her true colors and killed Issei mercilessly with derision. And she even crucified and tortured a Loli nun to death, in whom Issei found salvation. That was really no good. Killing a sister, just unacceptable… I totally lost any feeling for her whatsoever, and I was completely through with her, and I was mad as hell like, “Bring her to justice!

Finally, resurrected Issei miraculously defeated Reinare. And when he was about to finish her off, she changed back to Yuuma-chan, and begged him for her life. She even showed the wristband he gave her from the first (last) date with full of tears. “See, Issei-kun? I’m still wearing the wristband! OMG. That really got me. It put me in a state of panic, and by the time I realized, I was screaming at my laptop, “Don’t kill Yuuma-chan. Please spare her life!” As if he reflected my psychological state, he was also utterly perplexed, “Why do you still keep that?” And he couldn’t do it. He just couldn’t kill her. If I were him, I couldn’t do it too. But instead, he left the dirty job for his new boss, Rias Gremory, the one resurrected him as a demon. So, the boss delivered the final blow to her while he turned away from the execution scene. Ahh, wasn’t there any choice left? Probably not. I wish I could see her dead as Reinare, not as Yuuma-chan. Fond memories of the first girlfriend were completely shattered…

It still left me a bad taste in my mouth. But could they have called the cops and put her in prison? Well no, she was a fallen angel, human beings were no match for her. So yes, a summary execution was the only solution.

I didn’t expect this anime to be this heavy. It’s supposed to be an oppai fest fan service show, and I’d been watching it light-heartedly. But this episode made me depressed, melancholic, and saudade. It was much more traumatic than The Yearling, a boy had to kill a deer he was fond of. But it wasn’t a deer, but his ex…

Koyasu-san’s closing comment, “It was a good final episode,” did lift me up a bit though.

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  1. They usually show her in his mind later in the series. I am not sure if he got rid from his mind or maybe she is still there. Who knows?

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