“Summer Wars” Preview: This Looks Really Awesome

Summer Wars is from much of the same staff (director, screenwriter and character designer) that put together one of my favorite anime movies, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. It looks a bit more lighthearted and comedic, but I can immediately tell it’s well-produced and is exactly the sort of thing I would probably enjoy. Here’s to more anime films of this sort.

5 thoughts on ““Summer Wars” Preview: This Looks Really Awesome

  1. I’ve yet to see The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. I need to get with it. I couldn’t get through more than 30 seconds of the trailer. I’m not a huge fan of not understanding what I’m watching. The animation does look beautiful.

  2. Yeah man, I just stumbled upon this trailer the other day lol, I wasn’t thinking they’d make any other trailers after the first one, which I thought was fairly extensive compared to a good amount of others this summer. JEeeeezzz, I feel so behind on my shows and reviews….so much to do -_-” I just started this whole thing seriously so anyways, hope to comment more in the future, I’ll definitely add you to my blogroll when I get that setup too 🙂 Happy Living 🙂


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