Even wolf world is capitalism. Arashi No Yoru Ni.

Interbestial friendship (or interspecies romance?). Hetare Gabu’s salvation.

Our human world is capitalism. Whoever earns the most gets all. Winner-takes-all. Like a competition among the salesmen, whoever sells the most earns the most, and monopolizes all the attention from girls. The harsh law of survival of the fittest, natural selection, the same law of neoliberalism spread by Ronald Reagan, Maggie Thatcher, and Koizumi Junichirou.

Koizumi spread neoliberalism in Japan, made more otakus to struggle sexually.

In Arashi No Yoru Ni: Himitsu No Tomodachi Episode 10, Gabu, an inept clumsy lone wolf, joker and loser, doesn’t get any she-wolf’s attention. The female wolves all ignore him. Gabu is behind making earnings, yes, he’s been failing to hunt preys, so he’s not marketable. The omega wolf is always getting harsh scoldings from his boss. An unproductive wolf is doomed to die. And unproductivity translates into unreproductivity sadly.

Lala (left) and other girls, gossiping about guys.

No. 2 of the herd, Barry the beta wolf, has a beautiful younger sister, Lala. And Lala notices Gabu sneaking out of the herd. With other two females, and Lala says to them, “Hey, look at Gabu. He’s been acting sneaky lately. I think he might be seeing a girl from the other herd.” Then, the girls scoff, “What? That slow, wimpy, unattractive Gabu? No way. LOL.” Females are really cruel everywhere, not only in the human world but also the wolf world.

When Gabu is having a tryst with his secret friend, Mei the she-goat, Lala actually finds that out. But Gabu manages to baffle her off. But Lala gives Gabu a task to bring her back a food instead. But then, Gabu obviously fails, yet, Lala tells the other girls that Gabu actually brought the food for her. Ah, a childhood friend… Ah, Lala, the prettiest and most popular girl in the herd, looks after Gabu, because they are childhood friends. If they weren’t, I wonder if Lala would ever have talked to him.

And next morning, when Gabu passes in front of the girls, they holler at Gabu, “Hey Gabu! Can you bring me a gift next time as well?” I was like “What!?” Yeah, once girls think that you can actually earn a decent income, they will start considering you as a potential sexual partner. Or, they try to befriend with you at least. That change of attitude…ughh!

Gabu reminds me of my middle school years in Japan. One day, as I arrived at school early to be on day duty, I noticed on the blackboard the scribbles about the ranking of “who would be the best boyfriend?” written with a chalk. And my name was not there! So I looked around the classroom to make sure nobody was there, then I screamed, “Fuck these bitches!” and erased the blackboard at once. Probably that was the time I began to have onri-edo (厭離穢土 “loathe reality”) and eventually ended up moving to America.

But everywhere is the same, even in America. Yes, 3D (capitalist world) judges us by how much we make. A poor dude can never get to experience any sexual ecstasy but sexual fantasy. But what if the earnings are equal? I wouldn’t be judged based on income. What if we don’t have to earn income? Or income without labor? Gabu would never have gotten any derision from the females.

Ah, I wish I had a friend like Mei. She’s really cute and very kind. She even accepts a loner like Gabu, even though he’s a wolf that all goats are scared of! Yes, I’m an otaku that all girls find repulsive. If you can’t find your place in a group, surely you want to seek friendship outside your own group. And I seek outside 3D to find friendship, or rather skinship! Skinship Birthday instead of Friendship Birthday by Sea☆A.

Gabu clings to May emotionally. One day leads to exogamy?


Author: Monsieur LaMoe

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3 thoughts on “Even wolf world is capitalism. Arashi No Yoru Ni.

  1. It’s not money that attracts women to men. That’s just a bonus. It’s the reason behind which the money is procured. To use your wolf example, did he gain the food by physical traits, ie. he’s faster/stronger? Or by intelligence, ie. setting traps? Likewise, ask yourself what you’re really attracted to in a woman. Boobies? Ability to rest your head in her lap while she sings you a lullaby?

    1. Yes, money is to measure his productivity and marketability, so money is the biggest factor. “How much does he make?” In Japanese proverb, お女郎に小判、猫に木天蓼 (gold coin to women, cat powder to cats). Gabu couldn’t actually get the food, but she told the other girls that he did. Once they believe you can earn decent income, they change the attitude. So, money has a halo effect despite him being below average.

      He’s looked down in his own herd, so he seeks friendship outside his clan to get approval, and it’s forbidden friendship. So, I pretty much identify myself with Gabu. Hizamakura (lap pillow), ah, soft tender zettairyouiki…the ultimate approval from a girl. Yes, approval, that’s probably what I’m really looking for.

  2. In the decent movie, Mei is a boy just like in the manga and it is up to the viewer to decide whether or not it is a gay romance or just a strong friendship. Honestly just watch the movie in subs, it’s way better than this.

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