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Even wolf world is capitalism. Arashi No Yoru Ni.

Interbestial friendship (or interspecies romance?). Hetare Gabu’s salvation.

Our human world is capitalism. Whoever earns the most gets all. Winner-takes-all. Like a competition among the salesmen, whoever sells the most earns the most, and monopolizes all the attention from girls. The harsh law of survival of the fittest, natural selection, the same law of neoliberalism spread by Ronald Reagan, Maggie Thatcher, and Koizumi Junichirou.

Koizumi spread neoliberalism in Japan, made more otakus to struggle sexually.

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Arashi No Yoru Ni: Secret Friend, ero-anime?

I’m not sure if this is considered “anime.” It’s a 3D animation made internationally, mostly by Koreans and Indians. It’s more like a Pixar work, which I’m usually allergic to. But, since Kugyuu (Kugimiya Rie) is doing a voice-over, it’s absolutely qualified to be “anime.” There’s always an exception, right? And Arashi No Yoru Ni – Himitsu No Tomodachi (One Stormy Night – Secret Friend) is the exception!

Btw, the moe OP is sung by Sea☆A, a very cute Singaporean female pop group. And the regurgitating ED is by U-KISS, a K-pop dude group. So, it’s quite international.

I just love the 1st episode of Arashi No Yoru Ni. I mean the dialogue between a wolf and a goat is surreal. And Gabu, a young wolf, does a one-man stage play like Issey Ogata. The ultimate jigyaku (self-depreciating comedy). The writing is much better than AnoHana or any Nishio animes! The writer must be a genius. The best writer I’ve encountered so far!

Yes, when I was watching it, some otaku commented that the story resembled Jataka. Oh yeah, I didn’t realize that. One of Gautama Buddha’s past lives, he threw himself before a tigress, so the tigress could eat him to feed her cub. 捨身飼虎 (shashinshiko). Once he was a rabbit, he threw himself into the fire to feed a starving man. And this time, a goat named Mei, unintentionally throws himself in front of a starving wolf! 捨身飼狼 (shashinshirou). Yes, like a scapegoat. But secret friendship has emerged instead, or some even interprets it to be BL. But that was a movie version then.

But this new TV version, the goat is female! The original work is actually not a manga, but a children’s book. But in the anime, sexual innuendo all over the place! Struggle between reason and desire, especially carnal desire as nikushokukei (carnivore)! But Gabu must turn into a vegetarian! Soushokukei-ookami (herbivorous wolf). I mean Mei swaying her butt is overemphasized like Marylin Monroe, which horrifically induces Gabu’s desire. So much eros in it! And with Kugyuu’s voice, I almost had a moe on Mei. Yagi moe (山羊萌え “goat moe”)! However, it’s utterly wrong to have a moe on animals, that’s bestiality, the lowest of all as a human being. So I suppressed it. Yeah, just like Gabu does behind the swinging butt!

Ughhhh, can't hold back anymore!

Ahh, from the next episode, Hocchan (Horie Yui) will be appearing as a little sister of Kugyuu! Moetical goat sisters! Elmer Gantry would be screaming at me “Shame, shame, shame!” at a net cafe.