Round the Sphere

Welcome to the first Round the Sphere! Every Friday, I will list interesting things I stumbled upon that week. They won’t always involve a theme but this week, let’s take a look at gender. Have a great weekend~

Fenrir believes that girls can play too!

Speaking of video games, Ogiue Maniax has high hopes for Sarkeesian’s kickstarter.

Saber from Fate/Zero is… boring?! Submissive? Rabbitpoets wants others to chime in.

I always thought Motoko is portrayed as female. She laments that “it’s that time of the month” before she dives off the building? Ryan shares his thoughts on Motoko and nudity.

Ever attended a con? Cosplayed? One of my favorite bloggers The_Patches and Lauren Orsini need your help! Please take their survey.

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