My prediction for this season: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Well, I’ve been too lazy lately to write reviews and I don’t get enough comments anyway, so I’ll write my prediction for this season. You can also find this article on my other blog on . That site also offers free service for you to store your watched, plan to watch, dropped, on hold anime list and other stuff. Anyhow, here’s my prediction for this season:


the Good: I’ll go with Sayonara! Zetsubo Sensei. A wonderfully dark and sarcastic humor dealing with the taboo of just about any society (here’s something that ain’t gonna get ported over to the right-wing conservative States) – suicide. It has a dark and yet laugh out aloud humor that I recommend even when drinking – if you’re not the type of person that demands slapstick humor when drinking. I also predict this to be the breakout series of this season. Oh, and it’s directed by the same person who directed Pani-Poni-Dash. One word (please read the word like the way I typed) – siiiiick.


the Bad: I’ll go with Zombie Loan (snicker). What the hell’s with that name, anyway? Also, the bishonen definitely turn me off. The plot’s already looking rather average with a little twist in eps 2. But I’m thinking, oh I don’t know, monster of the week garbage coming up next. Standard bishonen characters, standard magical “boy” (that’s right, not girl) plot device of sendin the daemon/yoma/tamashi/whatever supernaturl like things to heaven. Not quite a yawn, but not quite good either.


the ugly: for the moment I’ll go with (gasp!) Moetan. Why am I going with that even though I love moe things? Because it tries for a plot! I mean, for your typical shows, plots are necessary. But for this show, which is based on a joke-like English teaching book using moe characters published in Japan, the best thing they can do is make it funny, sarcastic and poke fun at itself and (since I’m not Japanese at all) make the seiyuu speak English often (hey I don’t care if it’s embarrassing for them – I got my ass mocked and jeered at by people who grew up in the States during my first 5 years living there. May someone else suffer the same humiliation!!! BANZAI!). Ah-hum. In any case, even if speaking a lot of English is tough, at least make it funny and not just sell moe-points. But golly-gee that’s what they are doing all right. Magical girl, hentai mentor, love interest, and just not enough bad English for me to mock. This anime is just as bland as a dull-ass English teacher that I’ve encountered when I was teaching English conversation in Japan. It’s an ugly formula that’s probably not going to turn good.

Author: Ray

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