Plight of mangaka-avoidance of deadlines.

Where's my manuscript!

Something to be commended.. is the enthusiasm for mangaka to continue on drawing, due to a love/passion for their craft. Like a geisha perfecting their skills with years of relentless practice… of course in this case, the editor is going to end up pushing the mangaka in their grueling schedule to meet deadlines.

Avoidance of editors in their relentless pursuit of manuscripts have became running jokes, and you see a lot of this type of procrastination/avoidance humor spoofed/reflected upon in series such as Gintama, Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi, Bakumon  and others.

Recently I have been chuckling as I saw Shonen Jump editor Sasaki Hisashi on Twitter posted a completed doodle from Eyeshield 21’s artist, Yusuke Murata. CrunchyRoll happened to translate the running dialogue here.

Author: Linda

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2 thoughts on “Plight of mangaka-avoidance of deadlines.

  1. LOL. Yeah, they push you till you get in the verge of nervous breakdown. “Deadline!” Movie directors fight editors. Reporters fight editors. Composers fight arrangers. They will mess with your originality, for the sake of marketability!

    1. I agree.. but for the sake of getting it out into the market for waiting audiences.. onward march! Stress sucks in a good or a bad way.. carpe diem though. ^_^

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