Mike has been abducted by Cybergods.

From www.believewhatyourhear.org news

Sept.15, Los Angeles, California, USA. Apparently the Cybergods are angry with the Anime Diet web site and have been punishing its owners, Michael Huang and Raymond Hu, by abducting their posts and sending them to Konan.

“We really don’t know what happened,” said Raymond Hu. “We have been repeatedly trying to offer burnt sacrifices in the temple, but the priests there alway tell us that our offerings are blemished.

“We didn’t even know that the Cybergods actually watch anime and read manga, and we were told by the head priest that we haven’t been putting enough efforts into writing stuff and designing this web site.” Hu said.

Sources indicate that the Cybergods are angry because Huang has not been properly paying attention to the anime series that they love.

“I can’t find Mike right now, it’s like he…was taken somewhere during the middle of our last conversation.” Hu said.

“I’m going to prepare some good offerings of reviews and commentaries, instead of crappy news items, but I’m afraid that I’m rather busy these days and I may not be able to publish these on time.”

Huang could not be reached for comments at this point.

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