You can have two-in-one geekiness…

If you’re an Otaku and a Trekkie!

From Anime News Network

Tokyopop Promotes Star Trek Manga With Signings
Tokyopop is holding a series of promotional events throughout the Los Angeles area from September 13 to October 6 for the second volume of its Star Trek global manga.

The tour schedule will include appearances at comic shops, the Barnes & Noble at the Grove, and the West Hollywood Book Fair. Source:

Ray’s take: Wow,  what better opportunity to show that you’re an Otaku and have no girlfriend (see, some Otaku actually do) and talks about Quantum Mechanical Paradox with all the sweaty guys in glasses and Klingon uniforms then proudly display your Star Trek Manga with signature from Wil Wheaton! Awesome! XD

Having said that, I actually like the Quantum Mechanical Paradox theory…

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