Tree hugging old Japanese hippie and a friend of Tolkien.

From Anime Corporation News

Hayao Miyazaki Fights Deforestation

The renowned Hayao Miyazaki joined protesters in a successful attempt to stop the removal of a .37 acre patch of trees near the Fuchi no Mori forest.

The surrounding forest is known as the scenery that inspired Miyazaki’s My Neighbor Totoro film.

Ray’s Take: I love trees and I really don’t like seeing them destroyed but when I read this news, I couldn’t help but picture Miyazaki with his beard and hair grown out and thick black rim glasses wearing a psychedelic shirt and sandals and doing a peace sign, while hugging a tree, then out of nowhere, Orcs and Trolls start axing his ass and Mononoke Hime rides on a wolf and start stabbing him repeatedly…It’s same feeling when I see animal activists getting their asses pierced by a bull’s horns…XD

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