Fans and Citizens of Diet 3 Unite!

From the Diet 3 Daily

Friends, fans, comrades, citizens and pedastrian A, B, or C of Anime Diet/Diet 3, hear us!

Since the June/July period began, we have been preparing to venture once again into the arena called convention coverage. It promises to be a big battleground. We shall establish our fort and bravely charge into the midst of it. As a warm up contest, we have been entered the Aniblog Tourney. We express our thanks to all those who have supported us through round 2 of the campaign, where we went head to head with our opponent and escaped with a slim margin of victory. As we’re now in round 3, we face a greater enemy than anything we have seen.

I for one, have several doubts concerning his compatriot’s action against Chihara Minori. But to each his own. As a whole, we’re not in the position of judging the action of others. As such, his name will live in infamy (lol) in the Otaku world, perhaps more so in the Malaysian fan Community (banzai).

Certainly, he has gained many more fans after the event. As of this moment, they have come out in full force in support of his presence in the tournament. We congratulate his fans and supporters as well as what they are supporting. As for us, we certainly would like to see the success of both sides as we venture onward. As to our fans and supporters, we would like to see you come out in a full-throated defense of our message. Because your suppport will show a great deal of meaning as statements declared to the entire world, defending the purity (lol) of the image of Otakudom.

We know your time is precious, so we’ll leave you with this: Do the right thing and defend the integrity (lol) of Otakudom from the world of hateful, discriminative prosecutors. Present them with the right message. Recover our reputation (rofl) from the mire.

Vote for the Diet. Do the Diet. Whatever.

Not really paid for except for the hosting and bandwidth of Anime Diet site by Anime Diet for Winning the Aniblog Tourney Campaign. Committee. If I have to tell you this is a joke post then you need to chillout. Stay tuned to our AX 2010 Covention Coverage.

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