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Original songs, recorded and written.

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Black Day, single awareness day…

Today, April 14th, is Black Day. And here’s a song to celebrate this day.

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Cacophony To Valentine’s Day


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Otaku In The Mirror/watashi no kare wa hikikomori

Kyun Kyun, Kyun Kyun, watashi no kare wa hikikomori! [display_podcast]

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Makenai Play “Don’t Say Lazy” Live–For Us

And here’s our friends from Makenai, playing live at The Terrace in Pasadena–and dedicating their cover of “Don’t Say Lazy” just for us! They’re wonderful…

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Ode To Black Day

Black Day comes again… Feb. 14th is Valentine’s Day, Mar. 14th is White Day, and Apr. 14th is Black Day. My fellow Otaku, let’s celebrate…

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