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‘Dickwolves’ cheered at Penny Arcade Expo

Life, it may be said, is lived in fiction. If you got up and went to a job today, odds are that you did it…

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Oreimo Reunion by ClariS is amazing!

Reunion has awesome chord progression, very bossanovatic.

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Attack On Titan: From Buhi (oink) to Hihiin (neigh).

God, Godess, I want to marry her…

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Komuro composes for Railgun, since City Hunter’s “Get Wild”

Komuro Tetsuya writes Railgun’s OP.

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Attack on Titan: “Why We Fight” For the Otaku Age?

gendomike talks Titan: about its deep appeal, which uses primary human fears and emotions to advance what is, fundamentally, a militaristic narrative that calls upon not only the characters, but the audience, to fight. But to fight what, or who?

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The Days of Whine and Moes. Have you met Ms. Yukino? (meditating on WataMote)

The Days of Whine and Moes. My contemplation on Mokocchi’s bocchiness.

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