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I got those post-convention blues…

If you are of the geek/otaku persuasion, July is a busy month here in Southern California.  The beginning of the month brings along Anime Expo,…

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Remember when you thought you had no friends and you were so socially awkward you couldn’t talk? Gendomike–and the new show WataMote–remembers.

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Aku No Hana : An Assessment Of The Impulse

  And so with self-expulsion comes long-sought intention. Flirtation with the unfamiliar, and an attraction to all things id. What can be perceived as broken…

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Sony Entertainment rocks E3, declared the winner by the Internet

If the collective celebration/freakout in the anitwitosphere is to be believed, Sony won the hearts of online otakudom—and others—at tonight’s E3 press conference about the PS4. Here’s why.

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Anime Diet + Lacoste LIVE: Wednesday May 29, 7-9 PM!

We will be giving a talk about anime and manga at the Lacoste NYC (541 Broadway) store this Wednesday, from 7-9 PM! Come join us there!

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Round the Sphere

Spring is in the air.. at least in my mind it is… can anyone guess which series is this sweet granny from? If you watch…

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