Komuro composes for Railgun, since City Hunter’s “Get Wild”


Komuro Tesuya, the electro-master before Nakata Yasutaka, composes the 2nd OP of Railgun 2nd Season. But I liked the first season’s OP better. I mean the first OP of the first season. Komuro made the ED of City Hunter, that 1987 anime, Mokkori anime. I think moe has replaced mokkori. Mokkori is when you see a hot chick, your get erection, pants bugle or swell, and that is called mokkori. Moe is when you see a cute girl and have this feeling swollen. That is moe. Moe in verb form is “to sprout, to swell.” So, yes, similar to mokkori. Typically, mokkori is for sex object and moe for cute object. So, sexy or kawaii, generally speaking. So, yes, City Hunter was mokkori anime since there were a lot of sexy girls in it, each episode had Saeba’s madonna, like Tora-san series. But he can never score them at last. Always his mokkori gets hammered down by Kaori, a very jealous girl, Saeba’s deceased best friend’s imouto. Yup, yup, and City Hunder’s song was called “Get Wild.” That was probably the coolest anime song ever heard during the 80s. And now, 2010s, Komuro came back as an anime song writer for the Railgun series. Yes, I know a lot of aspiring electro-masters look up to Komuro. Even Nakata Yasutaka does, today’s No. 1 Japan’s electro-master, who produces Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.


The Komuro family dominated the entire 90s pop music industry in Japan. Everything was Komuro-produced. The rock band music was tanked and all replaced by the Komuro rave factory. The first shocking song was “Ez Do Dance” by TRF, an electro-dance group produced by Komuro. And now, Pretty Rhythm girl group, Prizmmy☆ covers “Ez Do Dance.” Even at Lawson or Famima or 7eleven, at any conbini, all I heard was Komuro-music. Particularly I really liked Amuro Namie, she was the diva during the 90s. Chase the chance, that was a very shocking music, yes, Amuro was also a part of the Komuro family. Yes, before Utada came out, Amuro was the top female idol in Japan. Oh, yes, the same time when Evangelion was aired in Japan. I think Amuro fashion also made a huge wave. Japanese girls dressed up in black, brown hair, tanned skin at Hiyake salon (sun tan salon using UV). Fashion-wise, Amuro herself was influenced by Mariah Cary and Janet Jackson, so indirectly Japanese girls got into R&B fashion. Yes, that girl from Peach Girl, Adachi Momo has the same fashion. Dark skin, brown hair, loose socks. Well, her tanned skin is from a lot of swimming, not like these “bicchi” that go to Hiyake Salon (Mokkochi from WataMote calls slutty girls “bicchi (bitch)”). In America, “bitch” is a mean girl, sexual promiscuous girl is “slut.” But somehow in Japan, “slut” becomes “bicchi (bitch).” And that’s the time period when girls have started showing off zettai-ryouiki (AT Field) with mini skirt. A lot of girls got caught by teachers for making skirts short at school.

Bicchi (slut)
Bicchi (slut)

But now, that has become the norm, no one cares anymore. Educators simply gave up. Yeah, f@ck these educators, we don’t need no education! Yup, today non-short skirt looks untrendy, or even weird now, like Mokocchi. She doesn’t show zettai-ryouiki, of course she ain’t popular. But, that exposure of zettai-ryouiki started around the Komuro era, the same time when Eva came out. I remember back in high school one girl I fell in love had a tanned skin as well. I think her skin was natural brown with mini-skirt school uniform. And yes, Misaka Mikoto also has tanned skin, brown hair, and mini-skirt with loose socks! Totally the 90s style! Probably that’s why I got emotionally connected to Railgun at once. Ah, a symbol of my youth! But her hair is a bit short, that’s my gripe. I mean, why is she wearing loose socks, while high knee socks have replaced loose socks among school girls? Anyway, so many brown skin girls suddenly appeared during the 90s. When did they become mechistas all the sudden?


But now, listening to this new OP of Railgun, I feel nostalgic at the same time, but I don’t think it matches the feel of Railgun though. It’s very recognizable Komuro sound, but I think the zeitgeist doesn’t match at all. This is already a new generation, and a lot of electro-masters are better than Komuro now. Komuro sound is obsolete. So, I don’t know why the Railgun production team chose Komuro to produce the OP. Yes, Komuro was the best during the 90s, I also grew up listening to his music, and I loved it. All high schoolers, the girls I had a crush on, they all loved Komuro, so naturally I loved Komuro too. Yet, it also brings me back the memory of painful adolescence where I couldn’t get to have any skinship with any girl. So, Komuro was painful and pleasurable, oh yes, bittersweet. That’s why I’m ambivalent toward his music. I really loved it and I really hated it. I wanted to use that music for a bed time with my crush like my riajuu classmates, but never happened to me, so I came to hate his music, and then I left Japan. So, yes, Komuro was big back then. But now, I feel it is out of place already. It didn’t fit well, so I think it was a mistake putting anachronistic Komuro sound in Railgun.


Oh yes, Railgun is awesome, the action scene is so great. And Misaka’s dere, ohhh. I really wanted to see her ahe-gao (orgasmic face) after Touma called her name instead of nickname “biri-biri” for the first time. Yes, Misaka turns into an otome, which Saten-san wants to pry and gossip about! Yes, when Misaka asks Saten-san to help make homemade cookies, Saten-san says to Misaka, “I’m sure this must be for a guy!” And Misaka’s helpless reaction! That’s what I’m waiting for, Railgun moetic filler episodes! Misaka’s deredere, buhihihihi! But not with that obsolete Komuro sound.

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  1. Whoa.. I didn’t realize that Get Wild’s composer did something new.. lol.. mokkori… Saeba’s catch phrase.. this is dating me.. but I love City Hunter’s idea of bijin.. got a couple of artbooks for City Hunter to prove it.. lol. ^_^

    1. Cool, yeah, that Hojo style of bijin was really sexy, now, how much style of bijin has changed in anime, now it’s more moe-stylized bishoujo.

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