Candy Boy, take 2…


I find the animation so gorgeous but the concept so confusing that I think I’m turning Japanese!

No…no…I was just kidding I was just kidding!!!I AM SORRY!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!

I gotta tell ya, this is obviously straddling the line of fantasy VS reality, yuri show for girls VS yuri for boys and I was clearly confused.

Do women, especially sisters (are they sisters) fall in love like lesbians if they are such great friends? Is that the next phase of friendship evolution?

Ever saw Kodomo no Jikan?

With a song that’s super-catchy, not sugary but obviously designed like a jingle for a dating sim (for me the jury is still out on the intended audience and intended use), and then an obvious promotional music video that recaps the entire show – the music video, 3 minutes, the show itself, 10 – means pt 2. is inevitable (as recent news stated – I just saw the news today and then the show). Oh and, if they could think like Studio Ghibli, they could just show the music video.


It’s…it’s just so strangely…beautiful!


A fantasy world where beautiful girls who are childhood friends fall in love and endures a test of their pure, non-physical love…

Wait a minute, have the wee-wees of the male audience fall off? I think not.

Well, I’m no longer the pure-hearted Otaku boy I once was. So I’d encourage them to get it on ASAP!

I think Plato would be proud. But I think mature men need not apply.

Moving on.

But yeah, the animation is simply great. The seiyuus are so cute and the music is pretty good.

Moving on..

I liked it when Yuki’s feet touch Kanade’s feet.

Moving on…

They really should make out in public!


P.S. YURI! YURI! YURI! And it’s not about a boy or a man!

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