Code Geass 13— you all know what happens right by now.

No need to hold back on the spolier

As you all know Shirley is dead. Killing her is a drastic way to cut down on the women who like Lelouch. The saddest thing is that Shirley was the one who liked Lelouch without wanting him to do something crazy. Kallen wants him to free Japan from Brittannians. C.C. wants him to fulfill her contract. The one person that Lelouch could rely on is dead. So how does Lelouch balance that triangle that is left? He is now creating a world for people who just want to use him. This really shows how is not just crazy. He had a heart buried beneath all those gun-toting-psycho-eyes. Lelouch now has to recover knowing he has lost the most important thing one could ever know.

The way the episode was surrounded around Shirley allows the fans to see into the choices she makes. She tries to convert Suzaku just like Lelouch did earlier. She pushes him to forgive Lelouch because she can forgive Lelouch. Her character shows the falseness that surrounds all the characters. Rolo is trying to take the place of Nunnally. Lelouch and Szaku are both living false lives. Almost everyone has a secret.

Jeremiah was a surprising twist. Although it certainly appears that the cybrog aspects are controlling him. it now seems a little too convenient for him to find Lelouch only to proclaim his loyalty to Lelouch’s mother. It does not quite explain why that would make him a purist either. It will be interesting to see if he how his arc will play out in the rest of the series.

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9 thoughts on “Code Geass 13— you all know what happens right by now.

    SHIRLEYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SCREW YOU ROLO!

  2. SHIRLEY!! SHIRLEY!! NGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! She was so cool :(. The time Lelouch made her forget about him was sad enough, and now they killed her off?! This is so crappy. One of the few who truly cared about Lelouch T_T.

  3. Finally someone gets it. After spending the last few hours reading reviews from ,”cliche” to crap death for a crap character, to trying to insert drama with a character that outlived her usefulness so Lelouch will take drastic measures (the best of the bunch), it’s nice to see someone outside the LJ community get the impact of her death. Or at least, where her storyline went.

    Sure, maybe they didn’t have to kill her, and I hate that she’s gone, but it was a good conclusion meaning wise.


  5. Well if she was still alive when lelouch died it would’ve been even more sad because then definetly would’ve never seen her again since there both dead he Is reunited with her =[)

  6. Rolo killing Shirley was huge! and if you watch that part when Shirley and Rolo are talking again. you will see that it just wasnt about Shirley talking about Nunally. it’s after Shirley talks about herself being there for and helping Lelouch, then they show Rolo make this face of disgust. Rolo did not like the fact that Shirley loved Lelouch so much. not at all. and she was a threat that needed to be dealt with.

  7. OMFG I HATED IT WEN SHIRLEY DIED! after i saw it i was so sad! i cried like a million times in one day for her! i wish shirley was mean then she might have killed rolo befor he killed her.

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