Gunslinger Girl II Ep 06 – The nightmare that was episode 1…


…Is officially over (for me at least). Not only the plot has picked up but the tension between the sides and the characters has picked up dramatically. It just feels like watching two different shows or watching 2 different halves of a ball game in which the home team is making a dramatic come back. We see conflicts, small or big, for different characters. We see the different morals for different characters. We also see how there aren’t simple good guys or bad guys.

We also see the impossible – that Italy has the best artificial limb technology – sorry but that ain’t gonna happen any time soon – perhaps. But that’s not the point here.

What is the right thing to do? Does doing the right thing means killing lots of people? How can the right thing be done? experimenting with kids? Use any means necessary even killing an innocent girl next door? No elderly and no kids? Kill all enemies?

When a show gets me thinking about all these issues that means it has won me over. I can overlook some of the coincidences and how the Social Welfare Agency is practically invincible when the characters are done so well and their conflicts are vividly portrayed. This show is on its way to an A+.

Author: Ray

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2 thoughts on “Gunslinger Girl II Ep 06 – The nightmare that was episode 1…

  1. Glad to see more people realized the potential of this show.

    It was kinda sad that many peoples drop this show just because of the art but never gave it a chance to portray itself about how intrigue the plot really are.

  2. NetNN: The thing is, we know about the plot. I wanted to see an adaptation done right, the story of Gunslinger Girl done justice – and the first few episodes gave me the impression that this was not the case. It’s nice to see that the art isn’t as bad now, and the little cameos and nods they sneak in are a treat. I only wish we had the second season’s adaptation of the story with the first’s art; let a man dream. :p

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