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Memory and Oblivion in Sora no Woto

Guest contributor Foxy Lady Ayame of The Beautiful World discusses, in depth, the shaping and memorializing of war in Sora no Woto. A deep and erudite look at an anime with much deeper ambitions than its moe exterior suggested.

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12 Days, 12 Moments 2010: Amazing Grace

I begin this year’s 12 Days, 12 Moments series—an annual blogospheric fest where we post the most striking moments in anime for the year—with a…

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Ultimate Ane-Moé! Yumina Oneechan!

This is a translation of M. LaMoe’s earlier Japanese article. –Mike Ah, Yumina-oneechan! Ah, how wonderful! How pure and beautiful, graceful, modest, gentle, refined, sweet,…

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Want to cross-dress! Henjo-nyoshi!

Here’s a Japanese to English translation of the article: Warning: broken English as crappy as Arnold.

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All roads lead to Moé.(全ての道は萌えに通ず。) あぁぁ、ユミナお姉ちゃん!あぁ、なんたる素晴らしさ!なんて清楚で美しく、おしとやかで、慎ましく、優しく、おくゆかしく、柔和で、簡素で、清貧で、ことば優しく、笑顔で、慈愛に満ちあふれている聖女様なんでしょう!まさに和顔愛語を体現してる聖女さま〜!そんな聖道の聖女様がバザールにおいて邪道な暴走族の「よろしく」Tシャツをピックアップしてるのです。なんというセンス!そんなユーモアたっぷりのユミナたん(笑)!今では死語となった日本語表記、その表音文字たる漢字は「イデア文字」となってるそうです。それがユミナお姉ちゃんの宗教の神聖文字なのでしょう。ちょうど、カトリックがラテン語を使い、仏教徒がサンスクリット語を使うように。それで、「夜露死苦(よろしく)」だなんて、よくそんなイデア文字が残ったものです。神聖文字なのに。

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The Three Quarters Review: Sora no Woto

Sora no Woto, at its three-quarters mark as of episode 8, is fulfilling the promise that was evident from its very first episode, one background…

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