NieR: Automata Ver 1.1a Anime Review: A Seamless Convergence of Gaming and Animation

“Glory to mankind…” and here’s another must-watch as part of the best anime of 2023. The review for NieR: Automata Ver 1.1a is here.

Square Enix (known for Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Kingdom Hearts) published “Nier: Automata”. Also, PlatinumGames developed this game and widely regarded as one of the greatest games of the 2010s.

Over the past five years, its popularity has grown as it became available on more platforms. This renowned action role-playing game might gain a fresh perspective thanks to its recently concluded anime adaptation.

‘NieR: Automata Ver 1.1a’ completed season one earlier this year. Ryouji Masuyama, known for key animations in “The Secret World of Arrietty” (2010) and “Tales from Earthsea” (2016) directed the said anime. A1 Pictures produced the anime. A perfect match for its stunning visuals and acclaimed for other anime like “Sword Art Online,” “Fairy Tail,” and “Your Lie in April,” to name a few.

What is NieR: Automata Ver 1.1a all about?

Returning to the main topic, the narrative unfolds after mankind is forced to evacuate to the moon due to a race of eerie, deadly machines. In response, a group of YoRHa, a military-grade android team, is deployed to battle the machines and reclaim Earth. You’ll initially follow the journey of YoRHa No. 2 Type B, or 2B, paralleling the anime’s viewpoint. She boasts a steely façade, a refusal to display emotion, and an unwavering determination.

Whether you’ve played the game or not, the anime is undoubtedly captivating enough to watch in one sitting. Set in a dystopian future, this action RPG maintains good pacing with minimal filler scenes and top-tier quality. The soundtrack remains consistent with the game, adding to the overall amazement for viewers. It’s not surprising that players of the game might feel a sense of nostalgia while watching. For those unfamiliar with the game, this might spark interest and discourage skipping the opening and ending songs.

As mentioned earlier, 2B serves as the main character in the anime, voiced by Yui Ishikawa (also known for voicing Mikasa Ackerman in “Attack on Titan” and Violet Evergarden in “Violet Evergarden”). Another notable voice actor, Natsuki Hanae, voices 9S, recognized for roles like Kamado Tanjiro (“Demon Slayer”), Ken Kaneki (“Tokyo Ghoul”), and Takumi Aldini (“Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma”).

Why is NieR: Automata Ver 1.1a good?

Among the positive feedback from both game players and newcomers to the anime, there’s a shared interest in high-quality animations, particularly in fight and action scenes. For example, the first episode, containing moments directly from the game, might be one of the most faithful game-to-anime adaptations you’ve ever seen. Opening with a thrilling flurry of action-packed scenes was a smart choice.

Additionally, the story’s progression flows seamlessly, providing a comprehensive understanding of the main characters’ traits. Despite being androids, they exhibit human-like qualities, such as a desire for communication and the expression of emotions. This offers viewers, especially those unfamiliar with the game, a deeper understanding of what they’re witnessing.

Why is NieR: Automata Ver 1.1a bad?

On the other hand, game director Yoko Taro emphasized that “Nier: Automata” was designed as a game-specific story. Thus, making a direct adaptation to anime challenging. Taro is best known for the action role-playing video game series “Drakengard” and “Nier: Automata”. As confirmed by the show’s developers, the anime features an original narrative while retaining the overall plot structure.

Initially, this elicited mixed opinions, particularly from those who played the game or were familiar with its storyline. Fans worried that the adaptation might disregard or ruin the original story. For instance, the second playthrough requires switching from the character 2B’s perspective to 9S’. Not only this reveals the complexity of the mindless machine lifeforms but also unveils many more details of the story and worldbuilding not provided in 2B’s story. Adapting the stories one at a time could diminish the impact of certain sequences. Subsequently, adapting them all at once could lead to a dragging presentation.

Given the anime’s genre, the adaptation is widely considered a huge success. It showcased action, fantasy, and sci-fi. The high-quality animation and seamless storyline attracted more viewers. It is despite the limited romantic interest and a sufficient amount of comedy for lighter moments. In summary, exceeding expectations in the adaptation of games into anime is no easy feat. Yet, “NieR: Automata Ver 1.1a” stands as a creation of high caliber in among a litany many other failed adaptations. Glory to Mankind, indeed…”

When is season two of NieR: Automata Ver 1.1a?

Fans are now requesting a season 2 or more information regarding NieR: Automata Ver 1.1a. There is good news. Routes C, D, and E will be shown based on the promotional film. Wherein the androids launch a full-scale attack on the machine network, will appear in the second cour. It might be released in late 2024, although the precise release date has not yet been determined.

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