Audio Face Off: Tari Tari

Gendomike and Ray sing together the praises of Tari Tari, an unexpectedly decent slice-of-life anime that just ended recently.


We didn’t think it would end up being as good as it was! Ray and gendomike sound off in another audio Face Off about one of summer 2012’s sleeper hits, Tari Tari. We talk about how it beat our low expectations of the genre and its initial first impressions, where it turned around, and why it succeeds as a feel good show. And Sawa. Oh, yes, Sawa.

As a gift to you, here is a GIF that you may enjoy which encapsulates the virtues of this series.

(HT: notsuki. There really is an awful lot of this…)

4 thoughts on “Audio Face Off: Tari Tari

  1. lol, that spanking gif! i also love Sawa giving spanking to Konatsu, a good redressing to her impulsive behavior!

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