MM 05 with power level over 9000!

It’s WAY OVER 9000!  XD

With hentai power level like that, who isn’t going to fall for him???

IT's OVER 9000!
I'm telling you it's over 9000!

Wow (keep in mind I’m living in hell at the moment)! But, this episode has me LMAO! It’s just what the doctor ordered for a pick me up!

We have a new bishojo who’s crazy about turning everyone in the world into…well, you know.

Taro happens to be the right candidate for that. And you know what?

His hentai power level is OVER 9000! With a power level OVER 9000! You think he can’t save the world with the powers from the hentais all over the world powering him up ala the tree of might??? Or like Sailor Moon SuperS???

Also, remember the psycho/illusion generator in Chaos; gives Head?

Yes, it’s Noah 2. But now, the power of hentai is Noah’s gospel!!!

(Shit, I’m turning Monsieur LaMoe!)

Human Instrumentality Hentai Project??? Brilliant! That’s what we need to save this perversion filled worthless century!

Thanks to Taro, who has hentai power lever OVER 9000, the plan from HIIRAGI NOAH works and everything is funny in this episode!

which anime does this pays tribute to?

Soooo…With Mio stepping on him encouraging him to fight harder, we have Super Seiyan Hentai!!!


Did I mention I was laughing my ass off in HELL (Taiwan is hell, don’t doubt it)?

OH, the sad plot…



The world should be a world of hentai. A-motherfucking-cock-sucking-Jesus-flying-men.


Oh and, it’s a miracle caused by hentai! Amen! Righteous!

At the end…

IT’S still OVER 9000!

P.S. the last robot is a tribute to Armor Trooper’s scope dog. Is that obscure enough for you?

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