Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (You lie in April), skinshipality!

aprillieAh, You lie in April, this motion is as good as Sakamichi No Apollon (Kids On Slope). And drawing beautifulness is like Chihayafuru. The Chopin piano, pretty cool.pianicaAnd yes, Joe Hisaishi masterpiece, “Hato to Shounen (dove and boy)” so awesome, and so nostalgic. Yea, a blond girl playing a pianica at park with children. And ensemble was just amazing, a kid playing a soprano recorder flute is doing obligato. Darn, genius.de3e04f0Ah, pianica is so elementary school. Everyone in Japan learns pianica during elementary school lower grades. It’s very symbolical, that instrument that all kids learn. So, all Japanese have learned how to play this instrument. Oh, that middle school girl, a blond middle school girl, named Kaori, playing the theme from Castle in the Sky (Laputa). Yes, Joe Hisaishi’s music. Ah, so nostalgic. Laputa is actually one of the greatest Miyazaki Hayao’s movie. I grew up with it. And Kaori is crying while playing Laputa song, delicate sensitive heart, perfect for musicians. Ahh, I watched Laputa so many times. Countless. It was great, the most favorite of Miyazaki films. Actually I don’t like his recent stuff, but his 80s stuff was really cool. Ahh, to hear this Laputa song again in this form, how lucky to be alive! I re-realized that how masterpiece this song is!violinistAh, Kaori is actually a violinist? Wow. Music genius. And what kind of “ist” we are? That’s self imposed question to otaku. Some otaku answered, “onanist.” Some, “perorist.” Some “paiotsunist.” Yes, paiotsu is reversed word for “oppai.” オッパイ(oppai) reversed パイオツ(pai-otsu). Yes, euphemism. Or anagram. Coded word I should say. Yes, pero is lick, peropero, a lot of otaku turned into perorists after K-On, yes, Azuyan peropero! Violin-ist, so many kind of “ist” or person with philosophy. Yes, too many “ism” but now many “ist” is a good thing, yes, diversity, kekeke!

earbudsYes, just like Kousei, just black and white like piano keys, my life has been monotone, but I want to change my life into colorful. Ah, yes, Kaori, the dream girl, but encounter is the worst. He looked like taking pictures of her pantsu, very bad 1st impression, ohh. But when she claims she’s a violinist and going to play at the music hall next to the park, she takes his hand and invites him to the hall too. Oh yeah, she invites the boy who just peeped her pantsu accidentally because of kamikaze (divine wind). Yeah, holding hand, ahhh, skinship!!!holdinghandsWow, she’s very friendly! The girl will lead you to the light! Yes, boring routinized life, monotone life since I was born, but I know a girl can make my life colorful. Yes, a girl doesn’t have to be gf. Tsubaki is not Kousei’s gf but a childhood friend, which I don’t have any. A female friend is more caring in the midst of difficulties, while dudes want to be alone while facing hardship. How precious to have a close female friend… Yes, color is what I need, like Van Gogh’s painting become colorful when he encountered with Ukiyo-e or Japanese woodblock printing. In Japanese, romance is iro-koi (色恋), that is “colorful romance.” That’s how Japanese say romance. So yes, he falls in love!!! That skinship, produces oxytocin, intimacy hormone, ahh, I want skinship! I just screamed with euphoria as if I was experiencing the same thing with Kousei, screaming out loud, “Ahhh!” Probably this is the anime I was waiting for. If I ever had that skinship in Japan, I’d never have left Japan. Oh yes, something starts in April, this seasonal feeling under cherry blossom, and something starts by skinship! But year, Yes, what I seek is not spirituality, but skinshipality!


Author: Monsieur LaMoe

A refugee from Japan. Live in NAFTA. Get hooked on Moe. Moe is opium? Twitter: @MonsieurLamoe