Escape into the realms of Sailor Twain..

Not to confuse this title with either Sailor Moon or the author Mark Twain, however, Sailor Twain or The Mermaid in the Hudson is a webcomic turned printed hardcover bound from First Second.

Twain is a Captain abroad a boat traveling on the Hudson. The boat is owned by Jacques and Lafayette Henri, a pair of French brothers. Jacques has passed away, Lafayette, the younger is a womanizing wastrel with six to seven girlfriends. One night Twain happens to save an injured mermaid from the river, and issues would arise that would shape this story. Saving and healing the mermaid does bring out a lot more conflicts than it appear. This is not The Little Mermaid, where there is a happy ending. In many sailor stories, mermaids have a more sinister purpose, similar to being a siren luring willing victims to a watery death. Now due to frontal nudity and obvious sexual context, this is not a book for kids but it is appropriate for older teens onward.

This story takes place around the Gilded Age of the Hudson River, near New York City. Since the timing is approximately from 1860-90’s, readers would read this and get treated with racial and gender issues being mentioned. Mark Siegal uses either charcoal on paper or pencil on paper. This gives the book a feeling of being smoky or dream like at some parts, but relates appropriately with the story that the author has conveyed.

Sailor Twain is compiled into a published book, but apparently this story is possibly not done yet, as the Siegal mentions in a blog update. There is a high probability that there is going to be a further look or follow up with characters mentioned in this book.

Sailor Twain is an adventure story that personally I felt concluded with a depressing ending. It was realistic though, given the choice that Twain has done. I may need to read more American type of stories like this to recommend a similar read alike, but what I see in Sailor Twain is slice of life mystery with a mythical aspect. After School Nightmare or parts of Mushishi might be a good thematic read alikes for Sailor Twain.

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