Et tu, Gazef?

Et tu, Gazef?

Perhaps the crowning shame of the latest season of Overlord is the removal of Gazef Stronoff, a man’s man, from the board.

No-loot PVP.

Unable to assent to Ainz annexing part of his precious country, but fully aware of Ainz’s overwhelming might, Gazef chooses to throw his life away in a duel to the death with the titular protagonist and overlord. His death is, at least, extremely fast.

The irony is that Ainz’s rule would be a benevolent dictatorship and a massive improvement from the perspective of 98% of the people in the New World. That Ainz was unable to convince him to see things this way is in some sense a testament to Ainz not quite having the perfect ability to manipulate others that his followers credit him with, but in another sense evidence for Gazef’s old-school feudal loyalty: he simply can’t see a bigger picture than Ainz declaring war on his King and country. The culture gap doesn’t always mean much in the face of a vast difference in power, but where it rears its head, it can be an impassable gulf.

Author: Malik