Round the Sphere

I think we should have more manga that focuses on gender.

We’re seeing more effects of last year’s earthquakes. Mount Fuji has potential to erupt.

I believe Doraemon was my first manga and likely the catalyst that caused me to fall in love with anime. Its imagination remains unrivaled.

Who else besides the Japanese would come up with this idea (free underwear supported by ads). Curiously, they only have boxers for men. No pantsu are offered -_- Someone please sign up and let me know =P

This is kind of cool. I told myself never to waste any more time playing racing games but this might bring me out of retirement.

The Short Shorts Film Festival are now accepting entries!

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2 thoughts on “Round the Sphere

  1. Well gender identity is a label influenced by society. Androgynous seems to be very much a hit with Japanese culture, so just as with accepting one’s self.. that is fine.

    MLM: The Wandering Son.. it has a great manga. ^_^ Ai Ore is probably another manga where the gender is pretty surprising.

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