Examining Raqiya : The New Book of Revelation

Some details: Raqiya: The New Book fo Revelation. Written by Masao Yajima and Illustrated by Boichi. This is a series I received a few years ago directly from the publisher, and was on my book pile to read.

Raqiya is manga series that is complete in five volumes and licensed in print by One Peace, an indie publisher.

The story begins with the premise that teenager Luna Hazuki survives a horrific car accident that killed her entire family. She makes a pact with a demon and this sets in motion for the end of mankind as we know it. Toward the end of the series, readers will have read a series that is apocalyptic and action oriented. The art grabs you, since this is illustrated by Boichi, who is also known for drawing Dr. Stone.

On an artificial level, you don’t recognize the character of Luna as she becomes possessed by the demon that had made the pact with her. A cast of other complex characters is introduced, especially with the introduction of a Messiah character. The ending was just that, an ending that was predictable. This is an contemporary setting book that the only book similarity I can think of is a Christian published Left Behind a series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins.

I recently returned this draft after listening to a Anime Lockdown panel that was done by Mike Toole on Anime Cult Classics, because that was what I thought about primarily when I was reading this series, that this was a cultist portrayal of Christian theology. As a skeptic I definitely might be off my writing for this series, but for religious and theological studies, this is a book perhaps worth reading.

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