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Examining Raqiya : The New Book of Revelation

Some details: Raqiya: The New Book fo Revelation. Written by Masao Yajima and Illustrated by Boichi. This is a series I received a few years…

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Natsuyuki Rendezvous: Bodies and Souls in Transition

Or, a theology of bodies, souls, and cockblocking ghosts.

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Let’s Bible One-Shot: The Moe of Christ

Suffering is moe. Crucified on the cross, Jesus Christ knew profound suffering. Therefore, Jesus Christ is profoundly moe. This, along with a few other propositions…

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Kafuka on Haiti

Is Pat Robertson moe? Is Kafuka Fuura moe? On the surface, these are unrelated questions.  And yet, there are more similarities between the two than…

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Art and Soul 6 – Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 and Human Nature

[display_podcast] Update, 3/13/2011: welcome, new visitors. I felt these reflections were worth reposting in the wake of current events in Japan. I am aware that…

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Haibane Renmei Review: To Err and to Forgive (91%)

How could I have sat on this sublime theological parable for so long?

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