The Underrated “Book Love” by Debbie Tung

“Book Love” Book Cover by Debbie Tung

Okay I know that this should be a manga column, but this happens to be a e-graphic novel that I discovered the library I work at. Book Love by Debbie Tung is a feast for adults or for any Bibliophile or connoisseur for book reading. Here’s a handy dandy Amazon link. I picked this book randomly to read/borrow to test the system. You can borrow this book for up to 21 days, and can be read on an app or browser. (I am still trying to figure out how to clear my Kindle library of all my returned items.)

I also decided to write this quick review, because I actually took screen shots of this book and want to share!

Escape into a new world in reading a book!

I definitely have a sense of this feeling for escaping into new worlds or manga or light novels. How does people think about this? Is there a preference for graphic novels or light novels or non of the above? Light novels meaning that there more more text, but still a few manga images.

E-Books vs. Paper Books

There is always a discussion about the pros and cons between ebooks and paper books. For ebook readers which I am one of them, there is a sense of having a library at the touch of your fingertips. Occasionally need a consistent internet connection and there is an issue with digital divide vs technologically users to actually go between ebook or paper books.

“The I Wonder Bookstore: (Japanese Books, Book Lover. Gifts, Interactive Book for Kids)” Book Cover by Yoshitake Shinsuke

Here’s my manga tie it, the love of reading is similar to another book that I read that is actually classified as a children’s graphic novel in the library I work at. “The I Wonder Bookstore” by Yoshitake Shinsuke. This I randomly found when I was pursuing the shelves to learn the children’s graphic novel collection. See there’s a Japanese tie in.. (^_^). I should link to the Amazon just because, if you don’t live in Philadelphia, PA then you can’t borrow this book. BUT try to find it in your local library! So the similarities between the two books is the love for how books/reading can be an escape the world scenario. Book Love focuses on the reader while The I Wonder focuses on the book seller. Book books though share a love for reading and there is a push for people to read and use libraries as a way to get access to more books.

Author: Linda

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