The Sacred Blacksmith 01 – Reality Check!

For those who want to know my impression of the novels this show is based on, it’s here. But for anyone who wants to dive into the show, here we go:

Did you know that Katana or any other legendary swords really CANNOT cut through other blades in a clean slice? Do you think I’m kidding?

In reality, a blade with a higher RC scale; let’s say 63, can definitely shave the metal off iron or steel blades with lower RC, let’s say 42. But slice another blade in half neatly like a heated knife through butter? Are you fucking serious?

All right, all right. Since this is a fantasy story, we’ll let it go. Now, onto the merit of the show itself.

There is enough realism in the fights (bear in mind that I have NEVER studied sword fighting techniques) and the animation is definitely up to standards. In addition, There is enough intrigue, not unlike classic Fantasy stories, that makes one ponder what happens next. However, because this is based on a light novel, I’d advice you not to expect too much background details or in depth cultural aspects and the rest, if you’re into that.

Perhaps I’m too harsh. Next, of course Fujimura Ayumu, the seiyuu behind Cecily Cambell, is really cute. Not to mention fresh and young. It was kind of funny seeing the old guy checking out her breast armor/plate/whatever-armorish-thing that perfectly conforms to the shape of her breasts, but other than that, it’s the same old “I’ll protect the city and even you!” Thingy. As in the novel, she has guts but no skills to match. That’ll change over time, but in the first episode, her efforts are cliched and laughable to an extend.

Luke is sullen like Squall Lionheart in FF8 (US version number) and acts not too different. Enough said.

Lisa is cheerful, innocent and a big mouth. Not unlikable but I’m neutral at the moment.

Overall, the first episode turned out like what I expected: Needs a stronger script, better seiyuu and more powerful something to spice everything up.

Again, my impression after reading three volumes of the novel is here.

Additional notes: the actual vocabulary for forging a traditional Japanese sword is used as the chant for making a magical sword. I found that kind of lame that the author doesn’t even try to make a real spell. Maybe it’s because I know too much about swords but sheesh. These aren’t magical chanting words; they’re just sword making steps!

Author: Ray

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15 thoughts on “The Sacred Blacksmith 01 – Reality Check!

  1. I caught the inauthenticity magic chant (fold fold fold fold), but the actual process of forging a sword looks really cool.

    I’m still on the fence on this one, but the Aki Toyosaki factor works in my favor.

    Cecily has spoken her own name one time too many for the very first episode, though…

    1. @ schneider – The process of forging a sword in real life is hard and harsh, but for those whom love it, it’s like dancing with fire and magic, even god-like in a way.
      I’m not dismissing this one outright – if the novel keeps me reading, the anime may do well. But so far, the moefied Cecily is not impressing me one bit.

  2. Yeah, I had issues with the forging scenes in Berserk because they seemed all wrong. (You want to quench that sword in water? Really?)

  3. @ Moritheil – well, actually, dipping the super hot blade into water or oil or even horse piss is one of the steps of forging most swords, that’s called “tempering”. I think the only exception is old Damascus swords (before 1600) because some of them were actually caste into shape.

  4. Well, I’ve forgotten the specifics, but the issue was that I couldn’t believe he wasn’t using oil.  At that point in the forging, using water would have created a very brittle sword.

    In any case, this just shows that when you know more than the writer about a topic, a show can really fall flat.

  5. @ Moritheil – That means the author needs a better research team. Without some sort of clay applied, plain water or even water with horse piss mixed in probably won’t do the trick.

    @ Seinime – if you’re talking about Black Rcok Shooter, I need to watch that pilot.

  6. yes water, it cools the steel quicker therefor a harder blade. the sword would have a soft iron core,reduces stress during forging, tempering and under impact. clay is required for differential tempering and to create a hamon. not always required. i have studied as a blacksmith both in the uk and have just returned from training in japan refining wet forging, tempering and grinding trechniques. but to be honest its an anime, who cares if it isnt 100% accurate, its not a documentary!

    1. @ Aaron 24 – first, that’s an awesome journey! Hope your metal art/ craftsmanship advance more and more! Second, yeah, it’s anime, it doesn’t have to be complete truth. My initial feeling before everything went off a tangent was that I wish more effort was used in creating a “magic sounding” chant.
      Mori was talking about the forging process for a (very) broadsword in Berserk and not the process of forging a uchigatana.

  7. I’m kinda turned off by magic chants so this one didn’t bother me.  The last chant I paid attention to all the way through was either Unlimited Blade Works or one of the goofy spells from Bastard.

    1. @Niles – The show isn’t bad or displeasing in anyway, but to someone who has watched way too many anime, it just doesn’t stand out too much.
      Chanting tend to be part of a magical fantasy story and I kind of think it’s necessary to show magic. They just have to say it quick.

  8. I gotta say, I just love it because it’s 100% medieval. No gun-toting gangsters, robotic mechs, or tsundere harems. Just plain old swords and sorcery. (In a way?)

    The firs episode was aaawesome. And thank god they didn’t make Cecile’s breasts HUGE…what a turn off >__>

    I had liked the forging process. Think about it. Using that “chant” he was actually forging it with magic, and was repeating he steps normally done…Coulda folded it a few thousand more times, but whaatever x|D

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