Tamayura final episode…A HAPPY NEW YEAR

Ahhh, already over? That was really short. Just saudade…

Ah, a heart-warming anime in the barren land of Siberia.

It was so touching, felt skinship at the spiritual level. The title of the final episode was named “A Brand New Year,” and the final episode’s ED was also Yuming‘s great score, A HAPPY NEW YEAR, also sung by the legendary Seiyuu idol, Maaya Sakamoto! Ahh, I think it’s the keyboard, a celesta, which perfectly depicts snow crystals falling from the grey sky. A very Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker feeling! Yes, you look up to the sky, which the star of David points at, and holy snowflakes! Seems like you wear mittens, clapping hands, and blowing it to warm up your frozen hands. White breath in the air. Yes, it’s cold outside. How much I missed snow! Man, SoCal. I’m tired of this place. I want to move to the place it snows. Haven’t experienced White Christmas for a long time. And the weather isn’t cold enough to enjoy Christmas, though my heart always suffers from emptiness especially around this season. And as Christmas approaches, I notice more couples holding hands at the malls. It’s like they suddenly emerged from underground at once. “Where did they all come from!?” Reversed hibernation! Reversed higurashi!

How come we don’t have street performers here? Why do cops always remove them? Don’t we have the 1st Amendment, free artistic expression? I mean they aren’t like those Occupy Wall Street folks. Street performers are here to give warmth to our cold lonesome night. Too bad America has become so corporate. Particularly on Christmas Eve, I want to get out of my apt and see a shojo singing Christmas Carols beside a huge Xmas tree on the street, accompanied by a guitarist. Or I want to be that guitarist to accompany a shojo singer. You know, after all, all I want is girl’s kindness. And yes, this song, A HAPPY NEW YEAR, perfectly fits that! Just like Raskolnikov looked for kindness in Sonya, the prototype, archetype of shojo, moekko! Since Christmas Eve is the special occasion for NEET/Hikikomori to go out and receive the divine grace, i.e., moe!

Ah, why does it have to end so quick? Such a heart warming anime, because of that, now I can make it through December. Yet, I wanted it to last a little longer… The world is surely celebrating Kim Jong-il’s death, but we surely are saddened by Tamayura’s end.  Snowflakes on my cheek will melt away with tears…

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

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