Valvrave is painful…


Valrave is a painful anime. Haruto rapes Saki??? How did that happen? I mean isn’t he supposed to be a vampire? He just needed to suck the blood out of her. So, he had a vampire’s fit. But, somehow he took off his pants and then raped her. I just don’t get it. Why he took off his pants? So, blood-sucking action is reproductive action? So, vampires are actually rapists. Why is the vampire trope so popular among girls? Do they all want rapists? And all these vampires are strangely ikemen! Vampire Knight, and this Twilight series by a Mormon lady. So, Twilight is a Christian porn? And now the Twilight fan fiction, Twilight-dojin, 50 Shades of Grey. 20 million copies worldwide, so at least 20 million women are hentai. Yup, BDSM stuff turns them on, which I never understand since I’m not into BDSM. But a recent study shows that BDSM people are much healthier than people having orthodox sex. So, yes, a BDSM show like Severing Crime Edge, should I explore BDSM? No, moe is my foundation. I think moe people (i.e. otaku) are healthier than riaju also. Anyway, this blood-sucking action, this is clearly domination, so considered as BDSM’s “D.” But, that was so sudden, out of nowhere.

Haruto rapes Saki.

But Haruto feels guilty after ”gattai.” Yeah, he should turn himself in and go to prison. But in turn, Saki was cool about it. So, this wasn’t a rape, but to her it was an accident. Plus, she loves Haruto, so yes, preemptively consented. But Haruto says to her, “I made a mistake. I was wrong. I feel responsible, so I should marry you.” But Saki tells him, “I was sleeping around when I was in the entertainment industry, I was in the dirty business, so this is nothing.” Really??? Then I’m always available, girl. Just text me when you need my…

After "gattai"
After “gattai”

And there is a hikikomori character, Akira. She has a communication disorder. Yes, comyusho. This girl Akira is a commucation problem because she has been a hikikomori for a while. And she talks exactly like me, breaking up the sentences. “You…never…was…my friend.” This seiyuu is a master! She is always on the computer, she puts card box to seal the door, so no one can enter her room nor can she get out. So, she’s completely a shut-in. But seeing her friend in a pinch from video camera, she finally breaks the wall and comes out, and she runs to her friend and help. Yes, Akira breaks the wall, like Pink Floyd’s The Wall.


Why did she become a hikikomori? Because of bullying. Bullying among girls is so scary. Man, really scary. Akira was water-hosed just like the civil right’s era’s black people in the South.


And girls cut her hair with a pair of scissors, so malicious. Of course, she becomes misanthrope and hikikomori. Girls’ bully is so bad. I just want all these bitches to be dead. They don’t deserve to live.


But then, she suddnely rides on the Valvrave robot and then becomes a pilot. And her weapon is hacking into enemy’s computer system. LOL. That is just awesome. This writer is crazy. I never seen any writing horrendous like this. NO reasoning whatsoever!


Unlike Akira, I was the other type of Hikikomori, yup, if you lose your job, you can’t talk to anybody that you got fired. So, when friends call you, you don’t pick up the phone during the day. You just answer phone calls only at night, so they won’t get suspicious. And when they call you to have a drink at bar, you need to decline, because you have no income. Alcohol is a wallet killer. Then, you keep declining friends, and eventually people will stop calling or texting you, then you lose friends. Because you can’t go out and have a fun. Just shut in yourself and watch anime and have moe. That’s how you become a hikikomori. So yeah, a closet NEET. Otaku without jobs. It’s so embarrassing. “So what do you do?” This is the scariest question when meeting new people. Then, you answer, “I’m a freelancer, I do business consulting.” But actually you’re just a NEET. So, you can’t meet new people. You can’t even meet girls. So, you have to pretend you still have a job. I wish I could be like Mitt Romney saying openly, “I’m unemployed.” But that’s really different. Yup, that feeling of shame, I totally understand. If the Valvrave robot asks me, “Do you want to quit NEET?” I would happily answer, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” Though I become a vampire, I still can be a hero rather than lying to people. Yes, like Akira, even she becomes a hero! So yeah! Valvrave, though writing sucks, it rules! Valvrave is the answer to hikikomori!

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

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5 thoughts on “Valvrave is painful…

  1. It’s not actually clear they are “vampires” yet, so that comparison is a bit pointless.

    And it is kind of pointless to complain about the writing when they are going for crazy, not reasonable.

  2. Vampires, in the west, at least, are heavily associated with sex. They are symbols for sexual activity. The piercing of the flesh becomes the breaking of the hymen, etc. In other cultures vampires are undead homosexuals. The sex/vampire connection is very strong so it is no surprise to see it show up here.

    1. I see, that’s very insightful, cat. Growing up in the East, couldn’t see that association, so I was surprised. But from the West point of view, Haruto’s sexual dominance on Saki was not coming out from nowhere but rather symbolically convincing.

  3. Wow. It looks like one of the more annoying kinds of vampire, the Spampire, has joined the conversation.


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