Princess Lover 11 – The standard knight saving the princess story.

So, finally, Luke/Mario/Link/insert your own name Teppei is determined to save Leia/Toadstool/whatshername Charlotte and so he rides into the trap with that one single purpose: to get him on board the train and to have Hartman shooting him.

Well, there are some twists and strategies inserted into the show to make it more interesting, such as storming the train with the Cavalry, firing Napoleonic era cannons cannons at the train itself, the knight is really the samurai armed with a sword that can cut through tanks steel, and you know, the whole 9 yards.

Last episode, Seika kisses Teppei, I guess. This episode, it’s Sylvia. Because there are just so many plots and so little time, hell, one more episode left, they throw in a party scene so that Sylvia can defeat Teppei and formally unseal the marriage – with a kiss, of course. Yes, I’m sure that’s in the game.

But oh well, everything is OK and the characters are pleasing enough. But yeah, let us say it: D V D. You want visible panties? Well, I guess I’d suggest buying the last 2 to three episodes (are they going to have one episode per disk?). A good question, are they going to license this in US?

Probably not.

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