Gundam 00 ep 6 – upgrading God


I figured that an upgrading was coming. Time for model fans to shell out more money.

To be perfectly honest with you, I don’t like the design of any of the 4 gundams, maybe except Heavy Gundam with the guns. I though that Freedom Gundam and its predecessor from Gundam Seed was awesome, but the Gundams here simply don’t impress me.

That being said, this is definitely one of the more intelligent Gundam in recent years. Political intrigue, conflicting opinions, character contrasts…This has it all.

I got sick of watching one Gundam destroying like 20 plus enemy crafts within one second. I got really sick of that after watching Gundam Wing.

It’s also hard to follow the characters, because there are just so freaking many characters in this one. Way too many.

France is still selling weapons to Middle Eastern countries. But that’s fine. Money is money.

I’m just surprised that Europeans in this show didn’t exactly make it to space. That’s higtly unlikely.

I wish I could give an in depth analysis and not just glossing over, but there are just so many characters and so many subplots to keep track of. It’s way too complex for my taste and I’ve got 3 other shows to write about. It’s safe to say that Setuna is getting most of the drama so far, as he seems to encounter his old mentor or leader of the resistance force that he used to be in on the battle field as an enemy. I hope this turns out to be more interesting.

No one’s wearing a mask yet. But we have Newtypes running around. The lieutenant from China/Russia/India side can sense Allelujah…Allelujah… Allelujah…A-L-L-E-L-U-J-A-H (I’m thinking Eva mind rape of Asuka by the angel with the music playing in the background, well the lieutenant is a girl, and Allelujah is a guy, so….uh, never mind).

The episodes are fine, it’s just that too many characters are there and too many plots are going, and the unnecessary comic relief character wasn’t remotely funny at all.

85% recommended.

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