Hayate no Gotoku 25: I Can’t Believe I’m Actually Touched

Well, I really do feel awkward admitting everything in this post. Read on.

I think my tastes must be getting simpler as I get older, because is it just me or was this episode really calculated to give me the “awwwww”s? I said before that this mini-arc represented something of a return to form for the show, and this episode merely concludes the storyline in fine form indeed. Congratulations, Hayate–you probably just bought my loyalty for another two seasons after 25 episodes of habitual-but-not-always-glad watching. Now just keep it up for once without more dumb filler.

But the random introductions of more and more characters is going to have to end at some point. Exactly how is “Gilbert” related to this family?

“I wish he wasn’t.” Indeed.

I have to admit I have a soft spot for Makimura, the robot-maker. Maybe I have a megane fetish alongside my tsundere one. 🙂 Yes, I know, she is definitely filler. Especially her rampaging robot Eight. Who cares.

Yes, cute megane charas are very dangerous indeed.

And there’s always Isumi to provide a moe moment. I also have to admit that for some reason, I am not tired of her voice yet. She’s much more irresistible than most of characters of this type are for me.


I agree with others that sooner or later, Nagi is going to have to learn that her girlish crush on Hayate is nothing more than that or she’s going to be badly, badly hurt–and in this arc she definitely is no closer than she was before. But the WAFF moment still definitely was well-timed and well executed at the end.

You sure know how to flatter ‘em, Hayate.

So the first half of the show is coming to close rapidly. They’d better start the plot all the manga fans have been telling me about soon…though I suspect even if they don’t, I’ll still continue to watch it. For some reason this has been the show I’ve watched most consistently since the spring. It may have been downgraded to the “easy-to-watch” category by this point, but that’s more than a lot of anime I can say.

We conclude this post, like each episode, with a Fanservice A. Glutton (Nishizawa) moment. She’s so gluttonous food falls from the sky for her! She must have eaten everything else in the world.

Saying grace before meals.

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