Persona 4, ep 5 What I don’t understand about girls

Persona 4 episode 5 has Eric Rohmer quality in it! Love comedy, rabukome! The episode title is “Would you love me?” And it reminds me of Mayo Chiki! episode 5. “アタシと付き合いなさい。(Go out with me!)”

So far Persona 4 has been lame despite the awesome OP. I mean since I never played this video game, so I don’t know what’s going on. The same goes for Amagami SS. First, I didn’t like it, but after I watched the video game on niconico, I enjoyed that show. But, this Persona 4 episode is fabulous-max!

Ebihara Ai, the female manager of the high school basketball team, has a huge crush on Ichijo the team captain, so she makes Narukami ask Ichijo if he has someone in his mind while she hides in a vaulting horse. But turns out Ichijo has a crush on another girl. Then, she turns pale in a vaulting horse. A typical comic tool!

So, she tries to jump from the rooftop. After Narukami stops her, she collapses and cries in front of him. “It’s meaningless that he’s not loving me.” And she tearfully tells him this and that how much she went through to become desirable. “I was fat before. I was called Buta-hara (swine-field, since Ebi-hara means “shrimp field”). So I worked my ass off to get skinny, reading all kinds of fashion magazines to be cute, but I can’t get love.

And then, she suddenly asks Narukami to go out with her. I was like, “What the hell?” And what’s more, “until I find a boyfriend.” So, he’s just a keep-kun? Who the hell she thinks she is! Plus, she threatens him, “If you don’t go out with me, I’ll kill myself.” What if a guy tearfully says to a girl, “If you don’t sleep with me, I’ll kill myself.” She will simply say, “Then, die.” End of story.

But her tears. Oh boy… How unsettling my heart became. She knows soshokukei-danshi are extremely susceptible to girl’s tears. That’s psychological manipulation. Poor Narukami. Despite being good at macho sports such as basketball, his personality is pretty much soshokukei. Soshokukei have the disease to please, lack assertiveness and hesitate to say no. In fact, Ebihara says to Narukami, “You’re so kind. Why don’t you date me?” In other words, “If you don’t date me, you’re not kind.” And he clearly becomes her tsugou-no-ii-otoko (都合のいい男 “convenient guy” “expendable fool”). And at the end he gets dumped after Ebihara decides to chase Ichijo again. Good for her, too many girls are passive in romance, but sad for Narukami…

Ah, how sad. But what if a girl really cries in front of me… I would’ve done the same. I feel like an idiot…

So, if I just listen to a girl’s problem in romance, does that mean she might go out with me though she’s into another guy? Then I’m always ready to listen! “If you have any problem, just talk to me!” But how come no girl shares private life with me? Not even sex life? That’s too boring. 3-D is so boring. That’s why anime is utopia. Because I can get free access to girls’ private lives!


So, right after you figure out your true love isn’t into you, then you kiss a guy who just happens to be near you. Do girls really do that?

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

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