NYCC from the Lens of a Photographer

With the abundance of Social networking tools avaliable for people to use and probably get information overloaded over. Anime Diet has been keeping apace with getting the word out. If you noticed on the bottom of posts now, Mike had fixed the share bottoms on the bottom. So here I am going to tout about Anime Diet’s Flickr Account. As an amateur photographer, I often get pictures uploaded onto there.

So Flickr is my preferred social photograph sharing site. I just got the last batch of photographs from Eric M. Chu, who was a photographer at NYCC this year. So between going from panels, to show room. From conversations with Eric, he mentioned having appointments with cosplayers for individual photo shoots. He’s also mentioned seeing Western media ultimately getting the Anime treatment. With how Madhouse has been in anime-fying certain titles, perhaps NYCC would see more Asian influences in the coming years.


Bunny Rei and Bunny Asuka cosplayers.


Hi-Chew King.. Mascot for popular Japanese chewy candy at NYCC.


Ghosbusters Lucy, getting the bishoujo treatment from Kotobukiya.


Rouge also getting the Bishoujo treatment from Kotobukiya. There’s two versions of her.

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Author: Linda

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2 thoughts on “NYCC from the Lens of a Photographer

  1. Bunny Rei and Asuka are so sexy that I didn’t recognize particularly Rei at all. As far as I remember, Rei wasn’t that voluptuous, which may be more of Mine Fujiko from Lupin III.

    Uncle Sam Hi-chew cracks me up. Hi-Chew was my favorite gum in my school days, because “chew” sounds like kissing. I often misinterpreted girls intention when they shared hi-chew with me. “Does that mean she wants to kiss me?” Couldn’t tell they were just being friendly out of courtesy…T_T

    1. I didn’t realize that was a hidden meaning of Hi-Chew.. though you’re right.. Chu.. is kiss. For me Hi-Chew is a tasty Asian Starburst like treat… (better imo). Bunny Rei and Bunny Asuka are some of my favorite pose, that Eric took this year.

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