Kurozuka 6,7 – it’s sad what power can drive people to do / Women are lethal and confusing

Never underestimate how power can corrupt a person, but of course, who doesn’t want to tame it? Here’s the issue though, I though Kuromitsu’s blood is what gives people power in this show, but apparently some post-apocalypse thing is in effect because the people at the village of Kagu (Kagura) is instilled with power because of the event. It’s a contrast I’m hoping to see explained.

The flashbacks are clearly flashbacks, but something tells me that Kuromitsu may just be the source of all the problems. I mean, in a way, she has been because the Onmyoji/demon has been seeking her power of immortality, but on the other hand, we see that she does something to Kuro. That may be just a ritual, but for some strange reason, that seems to have driven the village chief insane.

More Madhouse style demon warriors and supernatural ninjitsu ensues and two of the core group of the Red Emperor appears.

Back to Kuromitsu. She is deadly as a vampire, but for most of the show, she seems mostly powerless and cannot fight anyone, except when she drugs people and kill them, but really, we don’t know how she gets her victims for food. In episode 7, we see that she can fight with a sword.

Keep in mind that after episode 1, pretty much everything we know about Kuromitsu comes from Kuro’s fragmented memory, thus the level of reliability goes down. What kind of womanly creature is she (besides hawt)?

So far, I’ve assumed that she’s rather docile most of the time but you know, I still don’t know how she get her victims for feeding (nothing like capu chu in Rosario + Vampire, I’m sure).

There’s not much to say about episode 6 expect it’s epic, grand, powerful and exciting. You know the usually exciting Madhouse stuff. If you liked Ninja Scroll but missed just about everything Madhouse did since then, I heartily recommend you give this one a try. It’s really worth your time.

Don’t worry about the art stuff; there’s something for everyone here – unless you’re a moe Otaku, in that case a show for grown ups may cure you of some of your ills. Besides, if you’re reading this article, you’re probably an anime veteran and I’m sure you won’t get confused with this show, ne?

Author: Ray

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