Kamen no Maid Guy ep 05 – why bother with privacy?

When you have a super monster that has 37 senses and can do just about everything all the while being invincible, why bother trying?

The episode begins with the Shizuku discovering probably yet again Miss Strawberryfield’s bed wetting, and then Tsurara, her sister with a super old voice shows up (no, we’re twins, really!). The same old same old making fund of people who aren’t really all that old gets played out throughout the episode.

But yeah, really, she’s picking on the master.

Yeah, it’s an old joke, but with the right people and music and comic timing, it’s funny anyway.


Are you trying to survey a titanic breasted girl taking a bath using a camera and a PC? Watch out for Maid guy’s freezing voice! Because if you can’t move away from the monitor, you may have to enjoy something that instantly puts you into hell – namely, a man’s hairy chest, butt and other areas that you prayed you would not see…

No yaoi bait here…YOU WISH, FANGIRLS!

1800 seconds of torture and himitsu garden but not the one that you wanna see.

Hell indeed.

Oh and, this maid guy is a god. 3 senses? Try 37!

And he’s got tentacle hair that will make any woman, even a 21 year old “twin” who sounds like 45 years old, scream.

Maid Guy is a god. He’s simply awesome.

Watch this if you think you can appreciate the humor. OH, and, don’t really expect much fleshly fan service, but for panties fans, well, you shall not want.

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